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Holla for Chana Masala

I believe this is my very first Indian recipe on the blog. Gasp. This is a very auspicious moment. I actually loved how this dish turned out so much I am happy to share it with you. 302 more words


I love you, Alemany Farmer's Market! Plus: what one does with Bitter Melon Greens

I do so love you, Alemany Farmer’s Market! I love all the other farmer’s markets too but you are soooo special.

I have found that there are two types of farmer’s markets in the Bay Area. 973 more words


Most people are only dimly aware of this but the Portuguese colonized India long before the British, and hung on till long after. Because of their influence, a particular yeasted bread called pav spread all around Bombay and became very much part of the culture of the city. 1,158 more words


Indian Restaurants Recipes

There will be something very addicting about Indian dinners. In reality, ‘scientists’ (that is the BBC’s label when it comes to unusual animals exactly who usually invest four-fifths of the lifestyle attempting to protected capital to be able to study facts that half a dozen staff in the field attention sufficient going to make an effort reading through the results on; not too essential matters has typically come the focus from the vast majority) like a team at Nottingham Trent college a couple of years back once again maintain that ‘just convinced about eating a curry will make anyone really feel higher and consuming it arouses the sensory faculties and produces the cardio defeat faster’. 451 more words

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Paneer kofta in creamy youghurt gravy

Here in India we have a vegetarian version of almost every non-vegetarian recipe. Owing to the heavy Arabic influence, Indian cuisine has its own variants of biryani, kebab, kofta, shorba etc. 428 more words

Asian Curry