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"Indian Summer" Bay Area release dates and Live PDX Jazz Festival download

In preparation for our upcoming Bay Area debut of Indian Summer, please enjoy this free set of Richards / Duval from the Portland Jazz Festival, Feb 14, 2014… 79 more words

Dan Duval

Indian elections happen come hail, high water, or scorching sun

The lows and highs likely to be recorded during the first month of summer in India: -5°C to 47°C  (23°F to 117°F).

Source: How India Lives, a company founded by journalists, which seeks to increase the access and search of public data in India.  9 more words

A place not to be

We enjoyed some spectacular daybreaks last week, but then on Thursday the daybreak reds became colourless and almost foreboding of bad to come.  This was proven true over the weekend. 83 more words

Indian Summer

It might still be spring at the moment but knowing our British weather, it won’t be long before we’ll all be hoping for an Indian summer… 159 more words

A weather's dirt

A weather’s dirt

Nomadic girl, lost vagabond boy
Distant travelers, friends climb for life
Set out here so far these miles from home
Wild feet they touch upon a weather’s dirt… 51 more words

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