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THE PILGRIMAGE: Part 15 (The Land Agent)

The Float Master took Grandfather to Esquire Garnsey’s home. There, Grandfather was welcomed, given dry clothing, a bowl of hot water for bathing, and a warm meal. 431 more words

Henry Birdsall

THE PILGRIMAGE: Part 14 (Calamity)

“Mr. Birdsall – – – lay down” commanded the Float Master. His second command was “Mr. Aiken move away, – – far away – -, from the rope.” And with that the Float Master himself sprinted away from his position. 228 more words


THE PILGRIMAGE: Part 13 (Floatsam)

“Five cent to cross” the Float Master stated.


It must have been a standard response as he repeated it in a matter of fact manner – – “Five cent to cross.” 305 more words


THE PILGRIMAGE: Part 12 (Welcome to Jericho)

By mid-afternoon the trails doubled, then tripled in width. Grandfather then saw a group of cabins on the opposite side of the muddy river. As Grandfather peered for the sign of any humans a crackly, almost squeaky, voice came from behind; “Need help Christian?” 430 more words

Henry Birdsall

THE PILGRIMAGE: Part 11 (Swollen Streams)

Grandfather told me that he rode in a more spirited manner as he followed the old Sullivan Military trail. Making up for lost time he knew he would be in Jericho the next day. 420 more words

Henry Birdsall

Chinese Troops Enter Disputed India Territory

Chinese troops have advanced in recent days into disputed territory claimed by India, echoing a similar incursion last year that raised tensions between the two rival giants, official sources said on Tuesday (Aug 19). 380 more words

Escalation / Destabilization Conflict

THE PILGRIMAGE: Part 10 (Self-Confidence)

That morning’s walk, as he searched for his horse, was tedious. Plowing through the woods and brush had soaked Grandfather thoroughly. His waxen cloak was excellent for protection while riding his horse. 452 more words

Henry Birdsall