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Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant @ Upper Dickson Road

Gokul occupies a hallowed position in Singapore’s vegesphere. It is revered by food bloggers, and has achieved a seemingly untouchable rating of 88% on HungryGoWhere. Gokul’s reputation most definitely precedes it, and, if you believe what you read, it would appear to be the mecca of vegetarian eateries in Singapore. 600 more words

Little India

Lush Mixed Vegetables~

Assorted vegetables cooked in Cashew nut paste give a unique taste to this easy recipe ~

For approximate 4 people:

Indian Vegetarian

Delectable Daal Makhani~

Simplest and the best Daal Makhani recipe ever ~

For approximate 4 people:

  • Wash and soak 1 cup of Whole uradh daal ( black daal)
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Indian Vegetarian

Indian Dal, a lentil curry

Hey guys! Today, I have a lentil curry, known as dal, for you guys. It is nice and mild, with a hearty feel. I made this recipe out of the Indian Vegetarian cookbook. 363 more words

Aromatic Kashmiri Dum Aloo~

Authentic Kashmiri Dum Aloo recipe straight from the kitchen’s of North India~

Steps for preparing aloo:

  • Take potatoes ( medium sized or baby potatoes, whatever is available).
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Indian Vegetarian

Lush Palak Kofta~

 An easy recipe which makes the boring palak/spinach more interesting and a crowd pleasing dish~

Steps and ingredients needed to make Kofta’s :

For about 10 kofta’s : 180 more words

Indian Vegetarian

Into the unknown territory

I often wonder, why can’t we mix anything into our food and still make it taste good! Why do we only need to pick a certain number of ingredients in a certain amount for making certain dishes? 386 more words

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