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Survival of the fittest

Food is a must for survival – who doesn’t know that, right? What we do need to figure out is how to make this ‘food’ amazingly interesting with as less ingredients or spices as possible. 628 more words

Indian Vegetarian

It's the hardest to cook something from a boring ingredient

There was a time when I would run away just by the thought of having anything besides fish or meat. May be because I grew up in a setting where fish and meat got more preference than normal day veg food. 487 more words

Indian Vegetarian

Nalan Restaurant @ Funan Digitalife Mall

This small entrance leads to paradise for Indian food lover and vegetarian.

It was full house during lunch time work week, hungry eaters waiting for seats. 205 more words


Is cooking a task?

Another usual morning with an usual routine. Sounds mundane right? What do we do to bring some spark back in our routine life? Well, some of us like reading, others like baking or cooking and of course someone like me would do a little bit of blogging and cooking both. 515 more words

Indian Vegetarian

Come one, come all to Bombay Mahal

Last night I went back to Bomaby Mahal for the hundredth time. What can I really say about Bomaby Mahal that hasn’t been said before? It’s a VERY popular place. 813 more words


Believe in what you create

Until and unless you really have faith in your cooking style and more importantly believe in your creation, your food is not going to turn out well. 580 more words

Indian Vegetarian

Keep it simple...

There was a time when cooking meant nothing more than boiling water or at the most making a hot cup of our all-time-favourite maggi. I have come a long way indeed, not only in terms of understanding what cooking actually is, but also to boil more than just water and make interesting versions out of the same produce. 507 more words

Indian Vegetarian