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Kamasutra She Wrote Excerpts

Raka took a coquettish look and said, ‘You loved Tara. Not me. Do you really care for me?’
‘Of course I care. You are one of my closest friends whom I can trust and share my secrets.’ 536 more words


Kamasutra She Wrote: Excerpts

Tara was well aware of the facts that world of modelling was full of debauched people. They would always try to pull your legs and push you to the ground. 275 more words


The Antic Ant Farmer: Excerpt From Chapter Eight


He had been sitting motionless when the priest came and shoved him gently. He asked, “What is the matter, my boy?”
There was something in his voice, a soft lugubrious expression that made him feel like something was lurking beneath his words, that he had anticipated well before coming here, in this temple, an abode of God Shiva, local people called it ‘SHIVA MANDIR’, near which his father was murdered.

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The Antic Ant Farmer

Excerpt: First Part


Behind every pleasure there is sorrow, and ubiquitous sadness.
The ant farmer understood it when he was a sheer child when he sat in the corner of a room, had been watching the movement of the ants – black and white, both – in different directions.

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Best Books from Indian States, Part 2

In this series: 

Best Book from India, Part 1

In the part 1 of the series, one of the most debated states were Delhi and Maharastra. 670 more words


Best books from Indian States

Brooklyn magazine last month published an amazing map of USA with the best book from each of the states of USA. When I started the list, I was very happy as first first 2 states were Alabama and Alaska and their corresponding books were To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee and Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. 629 more words


Why English

I live every day inside a tower of Babel. That’s what it feels like as I stroll about the Indian cities I have lived in, acclimating to a new language with every move, being an outsider, the alien in the crowd. 1,104 more words

Hena Pillai