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The Antic Ant Farmer


His first experiment was a huge success. He did not imagine – not even in his distant dream he dreamed up – that he could have created the first ant in such a magnificent way. 223 more words


The Stalker Also Loves

It is a collection of a few ‘out of the ordinary’ stories – a lot of fascinating characters tagging along. ‘The Stalker Also Falls in Love’ is a story of a middle aged man who learns computer programming to stalk a girl virtually with an intention to hack her computer ‘just to know the inside of the girl’ with whom he had fallen in love many years ago.

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Cocooned: A Refrain of Love

My first published story at ‘Morsels and Juices’, a women-centric e-magazine, a story/creative nonfiction piece, ‘Cocooned: A Refrain of Love’, written as a tribute to the loving memory of my dear Bibiji (Grandmother-in-law).  317 more words

Literary Musings

Dark Shades of Love : Excerpt One

She thought of Tara and suddenly a surge of sexual desire overwhelmed her. Tara would not mind he begged a kiss before her and she should not be coy but to be smart enough to react properly. 540 more words


Dark Shades of Love Excerpts

Raka took a coquettish look and said, ‘You loved Tara. Not me. Do you really care for me?’ ‘Of course I care. You are one of my closest friends whom I can trust and share my secrets.’ ‘Do you have any secret? 534 more words


Kamasutra She Wrote: Excerpts

Tara was well aware of the facts that world of modelling was full of debauched people. They would always try to pull your legs and push you to the ground. 275 more words


The Antic Ant Farmer: Excerpt From Chapter Eight


He had been sitting motionless when the priest came and shoved him gently. He asked, “What is the matter, my boy?”
There was something in his voice, a soft lugubrious expression that made him feel like something was lurking beneath his words, that he had anticipated well before coming here, in this temple, an abode of God Shiva, local people called it ‘SHIVA MANDIR’, near which his father was murdered.

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