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The Do’s and Don’ts of Shopping for a Wedding Dress

When shopping for a wedding dress, whether it be a traditional wedding dress or a cultural one, there are key do’s and don’ts that every bride should keep in mind. 136 more words

Introduction - The Ideal Beginning.

Hello everybody! My name is Sharan Pandian, you’re all welcome to call me Sharan or Ian or anything which comes in your mind. What about me? 248 more words


Moshi: Part 1

On Thursday July 24th I stepped off the Fast Jet plane into the crisp Kilimanjaro air.

Tory (a family friend living in Moshi) picked me up in a taxi and we stopped off at her new house so I could drop my backpack off. 572 more words


Why English? Why not??

The recent row over the not so recent move to make English mandatory in the favorite national hobby – The UPSC examinations, is astonishing. In a country that once took pride in unity in diversity and boasted of 108 languages I wonder when the 108 languages of our country got a back seat and Hindi became India? 258 more words

Rumblings And Banter

Solid Sterling Silver West-Indian Bangle Set Plated with 14K Gold 35 Grams

These stylish West Indian bangles will look great on your wrist! They are expertly carved and chiseled with intricate designs; bursting with mysterious tribal style. Your eyes will be helplessly drawn to the jagged lines and seductive curves accentuated by the golden finishÑwhich is actually 14K gold. 51 more words

Gajar (carrot) Halwa

I ate at an Indian vegetarian restaurant this weekend and the food was incredible.  Although the restaurant is vegetarian, with plenty of vegan offerings, I had a vegan failure and ate something with milk in – something I’m still annoyed about.   304 more words