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Ignore inside candles

When detecting local highs and lows inside candles must be ignored. They contain no new information and only confuse the algorithm that detects the swing levels. 173 more words


FnO Indicators - how to read in between their lines

MyFnO specializes in F&O data / indicators and it is for a reason.

These parameters add that extra edge into chart reading and can signal important… 94 more words


US Stock Market Valuation

Firstly, trailing 12m p/e valuation. This chart clearly shows this measure is a rather useless tool, and can be disregarded:

Source: D Short

Secondly, forward p/e (12m) valuation. 818 more words



Lots of people confuse regular and hidden divergence. They look at their chart see the bulls winning, then look at their oscillator and notice a bearish trend. 66 more words


Trend Following: Moving Averages

I became a big fan of technical analyses and trend following after I read the  A Quantitative Approach to Tactical Asset Allocation (2006) paper by Mebane Faber in which he examines one of the trading models that we will be discussing below. 540 more words

Moving Average

Daily high-low range

Yesterdays  high-low range can give you a great tool for finding intraday support and resistance & breakouts.

The indicator, running on an intraday chart, first calculates yesterdays high minus yesterdays low to get yesterdays daily range. 186 more words


VWAP: volume weighted average price

The vwap is a nice tool to find intraday support/resistance. It calculates the average price of the day, taking volume and price, and displays the evolving result on an intraday chart. 84 more words