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WiLD Gamescom Announce Trailer | PS4 [Video]

WiLD is another one of those games that really surprised audiences at Gamescom because of it’s wide open lands, beautiful art direction, and because it looks like a survival game where nothing was off limits. 98 more words

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Rime Gamescom Announce Trailer | PS4 [Video]

Rime was one of the surprise games that came out of Gamescom that wowed fans during the PlayStation conference. It’s being developed by Tequila Works exclusively for the PlayStation 4. 41 more words

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'My 5 Minute Existence as a Fly'...

…or, ‘A Review of The Plan.’

“I’m a fly. Hah hah. Buzz buzz. Ouch, glass? *Aimless flying.* Where am I? What is my mission? Ooh, a leaf. 113 more words


Tanner Reviews Mountain (8/19/2014)

I never thought I would see this… It looks like we have finally reached the point in video gaming where the concept of ‘playing a video game’ can be an optional choice. 1,197 more words


Playstation 4 News: The Lost Tinker: City of Colours Out Now for PS4

Sony DADC New Media Solutions’ LOOT Entertainment, an interactive entertainment development division dedicated to creating experiences and products for all digital platforms, announced today that… 282 more words


About time!

For an update that is. The promise of weekly updates came and went, but hey – we’re not dead and we’re still working on Secrets of the Labyrinth. 20 more words


Quite the upgrade.

“60 frames per second looks so sexy.”

After having a lot of work done today, I had one last idea for the todo-list: Make the main menu 60 FPS. 252 more words

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