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One to Watch Out For: Penarium


Penarium is a frantic 2D arena arcade game where you take on the role of our quirky antihero; Willy. Willy is trapped in a crazy circus show where he needs to run, jump and avoid an array of killer deathtraps while being cheered on by a sadistic crowd that’s out for blood; his blood. 118 more words

Pixel Art

Shogun Assassin - Ancient Japan never looked better than in 32x32

Hey Guys! Welcome back to Withinthegame.com!

Apologies for being quiet recently, I’m going back to college so I might not be able to post every day but we are getting as much content out as possible for you all.  358 more words

Indie Games

Sokoboros: Snake at a Tricky Puzzle Pace

Sokoboros is a new web game that came to my attention a little earlier today. It looks incredibly simplistic — more so than the 16-bit style of cool these days — but I was hooked immediately. 141 more words

Knight Squad: Early Access Review

Author: Andrew

NOTE: Knight Squad is in Early Access and that means this will be a much more condensed review than a final release review. As soon as the game launches I will have a final release review which would be a much more descriptive review. 344 more words

Early Access Reviews

Sputnik Panik: The Space Program We Should Have Funded

So maybe Sputnik Panik isn’t the best use of our tax dollars, but it is a good way to pass the time.

The goal is to get a rocketship into orbit around the planet.  130 more words

I'm Literally Stuck in Pixel Dungeon

To get started, I’m going to go over a game I’ve been playing for a while now called Pixel Dungeon.

It’s a roguelike adventure game, but unlike many other RPGs for the Android, Pixel Dungeon doesn’t get in its own way. 142 more words

Crimsonland Review on PlayStation 4

While you wait for those big budget games to come out, some of you are most likely taking advantage of all those indie games that are showing up on PSN for the PlayStation 4. 935 more words

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