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CloudBuilt is a rocket fueled parkour platforming puzzler. Unlike any other game out on the scene at the moment this game pushes the player to the very edge of their seat, whilst,  making the player push for absolute completion of the levels which not only have been design beautifully but also the art to this game is equally beautiful. 370 more words


Day 1260: Avatar Dairansen -アバター大乱戦-

Maybe it was inspiration. Maybe it was inevitable. Either way, here it is. “Avatar Dairansen -アバター大乱戦-” is a fighting game, full of over-the-top fighting styles you can select from, and massive jumps. 118 more words

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The Indies Zone: London Gaming & Anime Convention

Evening to you all!

Yes it is official, I’ll be joining up to nine other indie developers in the Indie Zone, part of the London Gaming & Anime Convention. 100 more words

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Indie Theater: Heavy Bullets

Ever wanted to balance your checkbook while surviving in a colorful monster filled maze? It may seem like a strange game, and really it is quite strange stylistically, but it’s also oddly beautiful. 147 more words


The underappreciated classic - games that went under the radar

As I blaze my way (or laserbeam my way) towards my first platinum trophy on ‘iNfamous: Second Son’ I find myself strangely satisfied with the Playstation ecosystem at the moment. 1,244 more words


Gameblyr Says Apple Is on Its Side as It Hunts for Paid Indie Hits

The other day in this space, I asked whether unknown games would still be able to break through on the iOS App Store. A new mobile publisher in New England is about to find out by zigging where others zag. 564 more words


Day 1259: Maya Challenge

A puzzle game that has you flipping tiles to try to get the entire playfield all one colour, “Maya Challenge” plays

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