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The Pink Mustached Man

Today I want to introduce you all to one of my favorite You-tubers. His name is Mark, alias Markiplier, renowned for horror games and also known for playing many an indie game and being very funny while doing it. 96 more words

Cool Stuff

PAX East 2014... and beyoooond

My second PAX East(the one in Boston) was just as incredible as the first – for those of you that aren’t familiar, PAX stands for ‘Penny-Arcade Expo’ and is a series of huge game-nerd conventions in the US and Australia, catering to video gamers, tabletop gamers and everything in between.  252 more words

Kickstart This: Choice Chamber

Imagine if you combined the innovation of Scribblenauts with the audience controlled gameplay of TwitchPlaysPokemon. You would end up with Choice Chamber. The idea of Choice Chamber is fairly simple- you play it through a streaming service like Twitch, and the audience controls what happens to the main player in the game. 119 more words

Video Games

Archive Study: Proteus

The Minimalist Exploration Game

Proteus is a game about discovery and curiosity, created by Ed Key and David Kanaga. The player explores an island without any context, goals, or really any forced direction. 1,089 more words


My Favourite New Term

Whilst doing research for this post ( see my reboot includes research this time! I am moving up in the world! ) I was looking at recent entries to the Oxford dictionary as , and I know I am a little slow on this, but I heard a new term a couple of weeks ago. 440 more words

Modern Games

Inside Look: Hyper Light Drifter

I was MASSIVELY excited when I wandered into the Indie MEGABOOTH and saw that a game that I had previously written about, and was already extremely hyped for, had a booth. 599 more words

Video Games

The Adorable Slugcats of 'Rain World' Are Coming to PSN

What is a slugcat, you ask? Apparently it’s a literal translation; a cat with the slug-like ability to climb and stick to surfaces it otherwise wouldn’t be able to. 164 more words