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Movie Review: Men, Women, and Children

Do we really know everything about our kids, the people we see everyday at school, or even our spouse? This film digs into this social sphere we are living in and answers how little we truly know about each other. 154 more words

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Movie night: book adaptations and childhood/teenage nostalgia

Yesterday was movie night. First, we went to see “Les Vacances du Petit Nicolas” which was, as you might have guessed, a French movie. 355 more words


Movie Review: Under the Skin

The human body is a study in itself. How we interact, our facial expressions, and the  way we are perceived to others. Although this film is fictitious  it could also be consider a documentary. 135 more words

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Movie Review: The Rover

In this indie release staring Guy Pierce and Robert Pattinson, it’s been teen years since society has fallen. There is no rules, and you are the only authority between right and wrong. 137 more words


Movie Review: You're Next

Is  the horror genre dead or alive? With so many horror movies coming out these days and so cheap to make. Have we lost the true magic that is horror?   175 more words

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Movie Review: Chef

A movie just about food you say? Lets see how Jon Favreau elegance for the eyes does. It’s like food porn for your brain, how can food be sexy? 216 more words

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Movie Review: The Guest

The Guest is what you get when you mix in the original Halloween soundscape, black comedy humor, and a re-fresh of the horror genre. A must see, you will not be dis-pointed. 193 more words

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