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Supporting Characters

A perfectly fine little indie film starring Alex Karpovsky and Tarik Lowe about co-editor buddies who work together to save movies and relationships in crisis. They’re more successful at one of those things than the other. 162 more words


The Troma Army: An Interview With Lloyd Kaufman


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All that I am, I am because of the Toxic Avenger. Strong statement, sure, but bear with me. 1,340 more words

Horror Icons

Five Must-See Indie Movies

People often ask me what movies they should watch, usually in a certain genre, so I thought I’d start a series on my YouTube channel. 44 more words

I Am Your Target Demographic

Watch: 'AFRONELL' Screenplay Trailer

“AFRONELL: A teenage musician from South Central struggles to establish herself in the LA punk scene in 1979.
Written and directed by: Jan D. Arnold, editor: Quinn G. 15 more words


Naked Zombie Girl

In the 60s, surgeons experimented with split-brain surgeries to alleviate epileptic seizures.

In Naked Zombie Girl there’s a split brain surgery which has no therapeutic purpose and is done with a chainsaw. 370 more words

Indie Movies

A Grim Becoming

We at Really Awful Movies are not big fans of most of what passes for mainstream horror these days — the horror by committee, big-budget films that studios cynically churn out to cash in on the audience’s desire for something scary, original and fun. 606 more words

Indie Movies

New Inherent Vice Poster Released

Yes! The international poster for Inherent Vice just dropped and we finally get to see who the owner of those legs are. Turns out it’s… 57 more words