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And.... We're Back.

Belated New Year’s Resolution #105 – get back to updating content on here again. Now that we’re starting to expand our nonsense beyond just RPGs, I think I’m going to start reflecting that around here as well. 554 more words

2015 Sundance Short Film Award Winners

Last evening at Jupiter Bowl in Kimball Junction, the 2015 Sundance Short Film Awards were doled out over a somewhat temperamental microphone. Stationed at the foot of a bowling alley, Director of Programming Trevor Groth said a few words before turning it over to Jared Hess, who is at the festival with his latest, Don Verdean. 477 more words


The Best of Sundance 2015

The Sundance Film Festival has been crazy busy this year, and tonnes of great movies have already debuted (and many bought for distribution!). Here’s a short list of some of the most-talked-about and highly anticipated movies to come out of the festival so far. 678 more words


Why Indie Movies are Great for Writers

Many people don’t like indie movies. They think the movies are slow, overly complex, boring, or simply can’t handle the shaky cam without Dramamine. These opinions are fine; to each his own. 593 more words

Watch Anne Hathaway Fall In Love With an Indie Musician in New Trailer for 'Song One'

From Begin Again and Into The Woods, to Leila Sales’ ‘This Song Will Save Your Life’ being developed into a live musical and film, movie musicals, or at the very least, movies that revolve around music, are making a sort of comeback. 273 more words

Film And TV Production

Pledge Night

Uh oh, another fraternity prank gone wrong! It’s absolutely vital for a slasher movie to have a backstory, so that an hour of indiscriminate killing can have a point. 372 more words



In Stephen King’s seminal examination of the horror genre Danse Macabre, the author writes that horror can be divided into two distinct groups: One where horror “results from an act of free and conscious will…to do evil” and the other where horror is “predestinate, coming from outside.” 595 more words