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The end of my PC Woes? Maybe…

First, some background history. Eighteen months ago, my notebook PC began to fall apart. The sum of its years and a constant daily use putting out 10,000 words each day began to take its toll… and the keys were practically ungluing themselves… (See picture). 714 more words

HEY! It's the Nonnie Jules Blog Tour!

Here we are on the third day of my 15 day “HAPPY BIRTHDAY:  ARE YOU WATCHING NONNIE WRITE?” Blog Tour and today I’m with one of my uber-supportive fellow board members, Beem Weeks.  1,109 more words

2014 AMAZON BREAKTHROUGH NOVEL AWARD (ABNA) – Gracefully Bowing Out...Until Next Year.

When the good news is flowing, I just can’t wait to post it in a new blog post and broadcast it far and wide. When things aren’t breaking my way, it’s not half as fun to post. 470 more words

Writer's Expectations


You were in my dreams last night
I turned and thought I caught a glimpse of you
You were running through the streets, in heels that made the night echo… 54 more words


Support Your Indie Writers

With this wonderful age we live in, the Internet opens up so many opportunities for everyone. Writers are no longer at the mercy of the publishing houses, we can self-publish our work. 818 more words

Zombie Fiction or Vivid Talent?: ABNA's Top 500 Amazon Breakthrough Novelists reach Quarter Finals


By Shawn StJean

While this contest undoubtedly warrants continued support from all involved, this year I’m adding a political dimension to my announcements.  Aside from the obvious tactic of identifying undiscovered–one might say, buried–talent in the cheapest way possible by the Amazon would-be monopoly, is the fix in at the ABNA?   242 more words

The Drought Still Rages On!

Well, the dry season is still going, folks. I should know, since the local fauna is going a little restless as it migrates all over the place in search of water. 377 more words