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Just Listen To What Jeff Bezos Is Trying Not To Say: Your New Novel Deserves To Do Better Than Amazon.

An incredible gratification awaits both authors and readers when everyone finally figures out a workable alternative to Amazon’s always-predatory pricing schemes. The window of opportunity is closing as Amazon finds new ways to choke pennies from every transaction while phrasing it as a “win-win” for everyone. 1,545 more words

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Saturday, September 20 at 01:00 PM EDT… 9 more words

Five Stages of Editing Grief

Going through the editing process with my current novel, I’ve noticed that, like grief, editing has its own five stages. And, like grief, most of them aren’t that pleasant to go through, but it has to be done if you want a finished product. 498 more words


Beta Readers

Writers’ Corner has gained another new perk for its followers. There will now be a special forum set up for authors to interact with beta readers. 68 more words

Writers' Corner

Two Marketing Methods all Authors must Master

There are more authors choosing to self-publish every year. The one thing they always seem to have difficulty with is how to market their  books. This can be a difficult task for those authors that have no idea where to begin. 963 more words


Why Writers Write

I’ve had a lot of time lately to think and read. Can’t do much else. Doc says I tore ligaments right off the bone in my shoulder … it’s one of the worst repairs he’s had to make. 809 more words


Mosquito Heaven

Ah, well. Things down here have been quite hectic with the oncoming launch of Xaman. My writing partner is quite enthusiastic about the book, but I still have a few reservations. 454 more words