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The Flight : 'Hangman' on a Saturday

My music-guru brother recently posted this track online, along with a note guarateening any listener instant gratification. Boy, was he right!

I think what is most striking about ‘Hangman’ is that it latches on to you immediately within the first 20 seconds itself.   71 more words


iTunes is Genius

It’s Saturday morning.  I’m tired and out of bed thanks to the construction outside.  As I’ve been doing things around the apartment iTunes genius has been on a roll, however.  80 more words


BOTW #77 - Father Howl

San Franciscans, Father Howl, bring great contributions to the instrumental/experimental music world with their self-titled full length album. Upon first listen, their record feels like what I would hear in my head while digesting the art in the Seattle Art Museum. 77 more words

Suburban Remix

Live Review: Ball Park Music @ The Venue, Townsville

Ball Park Music are an Indie Pop band from Brisbane, Australia, who have achieved great things in the Australian music industry since their debut four years ago. 1,057 more words


The Wooden Wolf: Nocturnes & other songs Op.2 LP

I got two records yesterday, this is one of those treasures. This is a fragile mixture of folk/country/indie and it sounds so beautiful. Second album I own from this artist and  I really love his lyrics, these songs packed full of emotion. 36 more words

New Ones

Esoteric Aesthetic

Esoteric Aesthetic is a new indie makeup company.  I purchased 4 full-sizes and 7 samples, and received 2 samples for free and some candy.  I’m really excited to share these swatches with you, so let’s start with the full-sizes. 101 more words


Band Appreciation Friday - Daughter

We are the wild youth

I first heard about indie folk band Daughter when their single “Landfill” was released about two years ago on their debut EP, and right when I heard it I knew I had found something beautiful. 391 more words