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Rewind and Go Play Braid

Squidward – Author


I’m motivated. I like to push myself to be my very best and I know I’m not alone. However, we all need to be motivated differently in order to study, run, call our family, and finish projects we have started. 590 more words


Shura is an up-and-coming London based singer. There is something about the phrasing of her newest release, “Just Once”,  that reminds me of 80’s influenced HAIM, just with a more fragile and delicate vocal to Danielle’s powerful chops.   53 more words



And so another summer comes to a close. I spent the last two months living with my one of my best friends and I couldn’t have asked for a better roommate.  82 more words


LIVE Of The Day

La Dernière Minute by Carla Bruni

Puisque ma vie n’est rien alors je la veux toute…

LAYLA- Smokestacks

This is quite possibly my new favourite song. Dramatic, catchy and an incredibly neat production. LAYLA is an indie artist from London and her incredibly powerful voice is what makes this song so unique. 13 more words

It is a life hidden in shadow

During one’s existence you will be required to violate your own identity in order to really discover who you are. The shadows around us reflect the depth of a great many things hidden inside are own paths. 61 more words

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