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A L Kaplan Wins Flash Fiction Challenge

A L Kaplan is the readers’ choice in this week’s Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction Challenge.


Friday Flasher--"Other Resources"

This week, the Indies Unlimited prompt featured a purse snatcher and a flight of stairs:

“The punk grabbed the old lady’s purse and ran up those steps like a monkey on crack. 339 more words

Writing Prompts

Friday Flasher--"Agency"

Kathryn El-Assal’s excellent flash won this week’s Indies Unlimited prompt.

The picture was of a field of safflowers (NOT sunflowers as several writers noted within the context of their pieces): 379 more words

Flash Fiction

This week's Flash Fiction - Thank YOU!

Thank you for your support. I might write the entries, but those who vote make them winners.

Friday Flasher -- "Panacea"

One of the things I love about flash is that it has the creative flexibility of poetry. Non-standard narratives that would get annoying in a longer work, shine in a piece of flash.   358 more words

Flash Fiction

When are you an author?

“Some of the authors (on a panel) were both self and traditionally published and I overhead a couple of them talk about how they felt legitimized by signing with an agent and being traditionally published. 733 more words


Flash.Fiction: Potion

This week’s Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction challenge is:

He wondered if it could be true. Could some potion be the answer to all his problems? Could he capture Vanessa’s heart? 285 more words