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Dear World, Most of you are just plain stupid...

and far too stupid to know that you are incredibly stupid.

The plan is working. The fluoride in the water, the fake food, the pharmaceuticals, the public “education”, the free health care for girls and women who can’t seem to find a way to keep bastard sperm from inseminating their ova…yep. 41 more words


Right About Now

 “i will stand

arms outstreched

pretend i’m free to roam,

i will make my way,


one more day in hell . . .

how much difference… 15 more words

Eddie Vedder


EVERYTHING I do because I want to
I do not have to do anything at all
I choose

Shaking and contracting violently
To show how desperately I fear and loathe… 34 more words


IF TO LOVE means to listen
What does it mean not to listen
To hate

What does it mean to be indifferent
To have a need for care… 29 more words

I didn't hear him scream

I softly laid in bed that nite,
gazing into the dark.
Skimming stars and shadows,
at ease
with my own heart.

I thought about the day… 72 more words