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Fires of Resistance: Review of Coulthard's Red Skin, White Masks

A review of Coulthard’s Red Skin, White Masks: Rejecting the Colonial Politics of Recognition, for The New Inquiry. 477 more words


2015 1/10 聖誕Jia-Xin活動:繽紛紮染 Santa Jia-Xin: Rainbow Tie-Dyes

Santa Jia-Xin活動的支持下,這喜悅美妙的冬季裡,1/10我們將回到睦祥育幼院,帶著滿滿的愛與孩子們,當天除了帶來Jia-Xin的禮物外,Sophie Hsu會準備美味的素食餐點,和做蘋果棒棒糖。


Santa Jia-Xin will be supporting us on more fantastic winter fun as we head to ChingChuan on January 10th! 499 more words

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Running postman- Kennedia prostrata

Running postman- Kennedia prostrata

Native to Southern Australia, this low spreading ground cover is happiest in a moist, well drained soil. It has bright red pea flowers from April to December that are followed by seed pods and it grows well in hanging pots. 58 more words


2014 12/14 聖誕Jia-Xin活動:繽紛紮染 Santa Jia-Xin: Rainbow Tie-Dyes

Santa Jia-Xin活動的支持下,這喜悅美妙的冬季裡,12/14我們將回到睦祥育幼院,帶著滿滿的愛與孩子們,當天除了帶來Jia-Xin的禮物外,Sophie Hsu會準備美味的素食餐點,和做蘋果棒棒糖。


在Santa Jia-Xin活動的支持下,這喜悅美妙的冬季裡,12/14我們將回到睦祥育幼院,帶著滿滿的愛與孩子們一同慶祝我們相識一週年,當天除了帶來Jia-Xin的禮物外,Sophie Hsu會準備美味的素食餐點,還有小雪老師一起玩紮染衣、裝飾聖誕樹和做蘋果棒棒糖。

Santa Jia-Xin will be supporting us on more fantastic winter fun as we return to MuHsiang Children’s Home on 12/14! 523 more words

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Interview with Kanahus Manuel

Yuct Ne Senxiymetkwe Camp Stands Up to Imperial Metals and the Mount Polley Mine Disaster


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Kanahus is a mother and warrior from the Secwpemc Nation in the Shuswap region of so-called British Columbia. 145 more words


Botolan, Zambales

Two weeks ago, I went to Zambales with my mother and her friends. They were on to something exciting. 70 more words