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I had the opportunity with my family and a friend to attend a youth convention in Oaxaca. This was a few months go. Here, at night, we would have a camp fire and all sit around it. 113 more words

Community People

Hearts of Giving

A few months ago, my family and I were at a community in the state of Mexico. We were visiting a church here and staying the night their as well. 168 more words

Community People

Reverting To Independence - Indigenous Examples

I’ve been reading a fair bit about the Evenki – an indigenous group of northern Russia.  They were originally a hunter-gatherer nomadic tribe that despite their integration into modern society still maintain (at least in spirit) their nomadic ways.  417 more words

It's a Cultural Thing

Mexico is considered a warm culture climate. This isn’t because it’s always hot here, but because people value the time of others and want everyone to be able to say what they want to say. 325 more words

Community People

Ethiopian tribes' ancient ways threatened by UK-backed sugar project

We feel like we have no choice. This is being forced on us. We have not been asked what we want or need. If we do not accept the resettlement plans we will be taken to jail.In the late afternoon sun, Longoko Loktoy, positions his traditionally engraved stool on parched earth and brushes the dust off his Kalashnikov while children close-by pursue small birds with bows and arrows.Keeping a diligent eye on the movement of his goat herd he says he is unaware of large scale infrastructure projects that will soon encroach on his life and livelihood as an agro-pastoralist. 39 more words