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Here's How the Map of Europe Would Look If All the Independence Movements Succeed

Tomorrow the people of Scotland go to the polls to vote on whether they become independent of the United Kingdom for the first time in some 300 years. 107 more words

Sarah Hunt: Why are we hesitant to name white male violence as a root cause of #MMIW?

Short piece in Rabble by Sarah Hunt: “Why are we so hesitant to name white male violence as a root cause, yet so comfortable naming all the “risk factors” associated with the lives of Indigenous girls who have died? 58 more words

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Kwetlal Against Colonialism: A Summary

The following is a short summary of my Community Governance Project completed as partial fulfillment of an MA in Indigenous Governance at the University of Victoria under the supervision of Cheryl Bryce (Songhees) and Dr. 3,116 more words


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This is Corey Snelgrove's summary of his MA Thesis, drawing connections between environmentalism, colonization, and what he calls "settler stewardship"--settlers' ways of knowing and relating to the land perpetuate and reify settler colonialism. All of this is grounded on Lekwungen Territory, in "Victoria" where he did his MA, and he also gestures towards productive alternatives where settlers are taking leadership from indigenous peoples and supporting indigenous relationships to land, worked through his participation in the Community Toolshed here: "This orientation marks a difference between the Tool Shed and settler stewardship, and this difference is shared by many of those participating in the Tool Shed. For example, discussions with Community Tool Shed participants reveals a recognition of the entanglement between colonization and the environment. Participants also recognize the different role for non-Lekwungen peoples than Lekwungen peoples in engagements with the land, such as removal of invasive species versus the harvesting of camas. Additionally, participants do not seek to absolve themselves from colonization. Rather, they often trace their involvement to their implication in colonization."

Evening Prayer 17.9.14, Hildegard of Bingen, Abbess, 1179

Very truly, I tell you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain; but if it dies, it bears much fruit. 1,590 more words

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Paraguay pledges to crack down on illegal deforestation

Paraguay’s government pledges to crack down on illegal deforestation as new map reveals extent of damage being done to Gran Chaco, wrecking ancient forests and threatening survival of indigenous groups. 1,152 more words


Even Titanic sank

“When NIA declared dam structure can only be destroyed by something like the 9/11 terrorist attack, I almost fell on the floor. The arrogance of the statement and the sheer lunacy of the proponents is beyond me.” 567 more words