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Lazy indignation

Staking a claim on a

face or a name

or a race.

Pleading ignorance of

the things that make us

the same.

Insisting on… 21 more words

My Silent Forest

They tell a good story

Talk a lot, forget

…but I remember

Seeing either the back of her

Or the back of his hand

Never good looks at the face… 273 more words


Emotions and Faith - Part 1

By Zach Van Houten

Humans are emotional creatures. It’s one of the things that God gave mankind that He did not give to animals (or at least not on the same level we experience them). 1,001 more words


April 3 - What If I Gave All I Had....

Matthew 26:1-25; Numbers 35-36; Job 3

Some of the stories of Jesus make you do a double-take when you consider all the details. In today’s passage we see Jesus at dinner and a woman comes in, pours oil on his head while He’s eating and the indignation gets out of control. 342 more words

Devotional Thoughts

Righteous Indignation

I was thinking about the gray line many say we are supposed to have as Christians. The world believes Christians are never to be angry at any time. 278 more words


Pour dépasser l'indignation, créer un bordel esthétique, érotique et joyeux ?, Murielle DURAND-G

Présentation : S’il est possible qu’un chaos puisse enfanter d’une étoile, on peut alors envisager que le désordre, civil ou intérieur, peut ouvrir de nouveaux sens et de nouveaux horizons, voire augmenter notre puissance d’agir. 37 more words

Taking An Old Bag Shopping

14-03-2014 Friday

Coming to terms with the truth is not an easy thing to do. Today we were given a piece of paper with all kinds of facial expressions on it. 733 more words