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Life is unpredictable.. what you have one day is not always what you have the next...

Life is full of trials and tribulations where we learn from them.

Life is also unpredictable, and I know this first hand.

I thought I found a slice of a new world, but I now see that new world is only in my head. 331 more words

Seriously, DON'T DOUBT

Don’t doubt !

Doubt in your own abilities, possibilities, and destiny for good and happiness comes from having accepted the false suggestion from an unaware society that the selfhood is isolated from, or stands apart from, the universe, its presence, wisdom and power. 41 more words

Synchronicities, it's a way of life as a Indigo

Synchronicities is a part of daily life as a Indigo Child / Adult. As I get older and have come to accept “what is”, the more I become aware of all the synchronicities in my daily life. 182 more words

The always evoling mind

The mind is always evolving, and even if us as humans stopped trying to probe and find out the innermost mysteries of nature, they will eventually become apparent, as the inner senses and levels of the mind will evolve to a conscious level of awareness. 138 more words

Self Sabotage hides in your subconscious mind patterns...

As I have stated in my other post’s the personal subconscious is the memory bank of the mind. So over a period of time, a accumulation of thoughts builds up, which includes both positive (winning) and negative (failure) thoughts in your mind. 214 more words

Your thoughts create the reality you live in

Whatever a person thinks on a conscious level of the mind enters into a personal sub-conscious type memory bank of the mind. Whatever is in the memory bank of the mind should likewise flow into another level of the mind. 270 more words

Raury Fly ft. Malik Shakur

Raury follows up his Indigo Child project with “Fly” featuring Malik Shakur. This guitar strong driven song is filled with hopes and insecurities we all have .