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Moving Beyond Labelling Children

“Hi I’m Johnny, I’m ADHD”

“Watch out for young Sarah over there, she has ADHD”

“Jason, Jason, Jason! Is that you again?”

Do these phrases sound familiar to you? 565 more words

Indigo Children

Because it's all good

I’ve been thinking about writing, about life, my circle of friends and loved ones, but nothing has been bubbling out. I’m OK with that, there is a lot on my plate. 175 more words


Breakdowns and subtle bodies

I'll begin by telling you that this is to be one of my 'alternative communication' posts.  Haven't done one for quite a while, so if you tuned in wanting another feel-good story about LIME Cottage, sorry but this is drawing on a very different aspect of my life. 725 more words

Multi-dimensional Living


This is my commitment to your life-long development and growth, a long-term investment of my time and resources for your success.


Are You a Blue Ray or an Indigo?

Here’s a rundown on the traits and characteristics of Indigo children and Blue Ray adults who have awakened en masse to witness and assist with this spectacular transformation of man and planet.¬† 722 more words

What's Happening In Society

Video: Understanding Indigos: Learned Helplessness and the Gift of Anger

Hey all,

I made a YouTube video with an introduction to help everyone understand indigos…and me…a little better. Blessings!

Higher Self

New Moon in Leo

The New Moon at 3 degrees of Leo on July 26th brings in a long awaited time of renewal, creativity and joy for many. Jupiter… 626 more words