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Angry, Fiery Indigos

Indigo Children are known for their fiery energy. When channeled effectively into passionate, driven ways and areas of life, it leads the child and individual streaming down multiple streamlines of creativity, opening them up to a world of unlimited possibilities. 853 more words

Indigo Children

Your Chariot Awaits

When I turn towards the driveway, I notice his mode of transportation: a truck. A very old truck. I have nothing against a modest ride, but come on. 865 more words


Raising Warriors

He is simply magical.

Perceptible and kind, he is wise beyond his years. Although lately I sense a change in this child. He retreats to his cave, gets angry and righteous, he feels the pain of others keenly. 343 more words

Moving Beyond Labelling Children (Part 3)

When we label a child, the label literally sticks with them, like a sticker on their forehead telling them who they are and what they are. 878 more words

Indigo Children

Anderson Cooper 360 Reports: Are Indigo Children Gifted Or Just ADD?

Since 1978, pediatricians have been noticing something strange in a good percentage of their young patients; something they can’t put their fingers on exactly. It might be a new childhood disorder, or a wonderful new spiritual evolution. 139 more words

Strange Oddities


I can feel my body surrendering to the drugs. It’s a heavy, drifting feeling. I’m relieved insomnia will not find me tonight. I can feel myself sliding into a dream state, that half conscious place where the thoughts in your heard slowly turn into reality. 520 more words



After having been banned by a site that supports deluded otherkin, and otherkin who do not only rely on their “otherkin status” but as well as on how well they can manipulate people into giving them attention to enforce fear and even more stupidity, such as giving them NUDE photos of themselves to join their cults, promising that they would be some supernatural creature if they would buy the same or to safeguard their online protection if they accept any other perverted offer they make them……. 810 more words