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My Scarlet Letter

There comes a point in every runner’s life where you have to stare directly into the face of something you don’t want to.  Something that, though you have swept it under the rug and tried to kick it behind you like dirt on a trail run, creeps up on you and eventually haults you in your tracks until you confront it.   886 more words

Medusa on the Run

This I know to be true…I over heard the angels say…She’ll walk with a limp and a gimp and a blind heart ’til the day she dies. 384 more words


Hammer and a Nail - Indigo Girls

  • Clearing webs from the hovel
    A blistered hand on the handle of a shovel
    I’ve been digging too deep, I always do.
    I see my fate on the surface…
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From Blind Date to Indigo Girls

Standing there at the end of a long day of walking around all alone at a music festival in Milwaukee, WI I weighed my options for the last show of the day. 1,102 more words


Radio XLI, side A, track 7: "Closer To Fine" by indigo girls

Oh, indigo girls, thank you for reminding me that two voices in harmony and a guitar is all you really need.  I remembered this song, and I remembered that I really liked it when I recorded it, but listening to it again and hearing your voices blending together so beautifully was a lovely reminder that while I don’t have much faith in humanity in general, we at least know how to make some damn fine music.  702 more words


The Bachelor Canada - Tim: Episode One Recap

I was all set to tweet out some sort of joke today about supporting the Canadian Entertainment Industry by watching The Bachelor Canada rather than encouraging Rob Ford, but then this whole tumour thing happened, and – what can I say? 2,082 more words

The Bachelor

Rump Smiling

Rump Smiling

Our first night on the island
we checked into our hotel room
and I watched a local preacher
on TV raving about the dangers… 280 more words