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Closer to Fine: Mo and Leslie

I learned today that Leslie Feinberg passed away.  I mentioned Feinberg, the author of Stone Butch Blues, in a previous blog post.

Stone Butch Blues is a…

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Embracing Pain

For twenty one years, I have had a back ailment that causes constant pain. Once, in my late twenties, I tried to remember and write down every doctor, physical therapist, massage therapist, alternative medicine practitioner, chiropractor and even tent-revival faith healers that I’ve been to over the years—each one claiming to know what was wrong with me and what would heal me. 1,618 more words


Bits and pieces

My mind is opening up and seems to give away some of its secrets held hidden for so long. Maybe it is because the steps I finally took, by changing my birth names and gender, that all these somehow forgotten pictures are coming to the surface. 821 more words

My Halloween Rock n Roll iPod Mix

We’ve all been there – wanting to put together a Halloween mix tape and then failing miserably after brainstorming Thriller, Monster Mash, and Purple People Eaters.  603 more words

Dave Matthews Band

My Scarlet Letter

There comes a point in every runner’s life where you have to stare directly into the face of something you don’t want to.  Something that, though you have swept it under the rug and tried to kick it behind you like dirt on a trail run, creeps up on you and eventually haults you in your tracks until you confront it.   886 more words

Medusa on the Run

This I know to be true…I over heard the angels say…She’ll walk with a limp and a gimp and a blind heart ’til the day she dies. 384 more words


Hammer and a Nail - Indigo Girls

  • Clearing webs from the hovel
    A blistered hand on the handle of a shovel
    I’ve been digging too deep, I always do.
    I see my fate on the surface…
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