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KMA 2015 - 28

Alright! Well, over the past 5 days I’ve given you 50 albums that are fanastic for late night listening, and I know there are a zillion others. 385 more words

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Why I'm Fat

Someone has written the opening scene of a horror flick.  Slowly they pan the camera back and forth and find that one thing out of place in the abandoned, dust covered room.   1,458 more words

Ash Beckham

old resolutions (haiku)

old resolutions
scattered with new confetti –
another New Year

Linked to Carpe Diem #638: New Year’s Eve (Shinnen).  I’m going to share it with… 270 more words

A Matter Of Taste

No one taste should be considered “Christian,” but to consider musical quality as completely relative is to not understand the importance of the aesthetic in human life and religion.  

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Christian Faith

How many times will you try?

What do you think?  “How many times should you try?”  These inspiring examples of people believing in their ideas, skills, and talents are incredibly inspirational. 1500 times to launch… 752 more words

Indigo Girls Take Over for 94 WIP Host Josh Innes Weeknights 6-10PM

Continuing to clean house and dump talent like they’re the 76ers winning two games in a row, the executives at 94 WIP decided it was best to replace nighttime host Josh Innes with the popular folk rock duo known as the Indigo Girls. 84 more words