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WhatDidSheFind Gift Guide: Day Four

In a world where e-books and audio books continue to grow in popularity, it’s always nice on occasion to receive the nostalgia that is a physical, in-your-hands, hard-copy book.   218 more words


Dream Analysis~ Sister Stress

This was a fairly lucid dream, so all the decisions I made were conscious and the words I used were thought about then applied to the situations. 697 more words



Early in Clemens J Setz’s novel Indigo there is a discussion of the uncanny valley – the theory that as simulations (for example, robots or animations) approach human likeness, they cause revulsion in the final moments before reaching complete realism (the valley refers to the dip in the graph that records how comfortable people feel): 728 more words

German Literature Month

Global Africa, Fitchburg Art Museum, Ife Franklin

In spite of terrible weather and competition from an afternoon Patriot’s game, the Global Africa opening reception at the Fitchburg Art Museum two weeks ago was wonderful and well-attended. 422 more words

In The Company Of Cloth

Seeing beyond Belief Systems

The Buddha once described his teachings as “a finger pointing to the moon”- meaning that if the student focused too much on the finger (teaching), they missed the bigger picture- EXPERIENCING the heavenly glory of the cosmos to which he was pointing. 673 more words

small discoveries – little treasures

This season’s teaching was brought to a gentle conclusion this week. The last pieces were strong though.

Values went deep and patterns were distinct.

One thing I found intriguing was seeing how unique each person’s hand is and how it manifested in their pieces. 85 more words