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Feeling the pulse of the space-time continuum

The Copernican
April 17, 2014

Haaaaaave you met PSR B1913+16? The first three letters of its name indicate it’s a pulsating radio source, an object in the universe that gives off energy as radio waves at very specific periods. 1,964 more words

Science & Technology


For centuries, colours have connected the world through spirituality and art, and filled it with a universal energy. What if there were things that words couldn’t define? 52 more words

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Trend Shake: Forty Indigo Property Décor Tips


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Adventures in Ethnobotany, aka Bungle in the Jungle

Yesterday morning I sat down with Ranbir and showed him a list I had of potential dye plants. He thought he might recognize a couple of the local names, and consulted with a neighbor sitting on the roof next door, but we didn’t get very far. 282 more words


Welcome to my blog Puzzled Indigo! My name is Hoshiyo Rina. I decided to create this blog to share my passion for figurines by making reviews of the ones I already own and posting highlights from the figurine industry. 221 more words


Awash in Indigo

Soul awash in indigo
Strangest light, but pure as snow.
Warming places long gone cold,
Places that I thought I’d sold.
Is this light eternal rest, 66 more words