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Let me Instagram it.

On the subject of phone apps, such as Tinder, lets discuss Instagram. This app has been around for many years but has just started to become popular over the last few years. 525 more words


The Library Dance

Have you ever wondered if you could actually write out a dance using symbols and know exactly what it meant? Well, this is essentially what I am learning in my Dance Analysis class. 474 more words


Power to the PI

Two programs provide incentives directly to Miami University faculty and staff who are eligible to participate as principal investigators (PIs) on externally funded grants and contracts. 104 more words


A temperate post

Hi all,

I am going back to basics today and discussing thermometers. For smoking and indirect cooking this is the single most important piece of equipment that you can have. 799 more words


INDIRECT, INDEX function or something other

I have formula:

=VLOOKUP(R3;'\\RZ01TB01\team$\COMPANY\C754Ideal_DOO\Logistic\2014\MPS\ABC\Calculation FAP'!$B:$V;7;0)

and work fine, but I want to automatically change number 42 from file name with for example A1-B1

Any help please… 19 more words

On Blast

November 11 (Day idk)

This kind of goes along with my post yesterday about people. Ever since I can remember I’ve gone out of my way to be nice to people. 342 more words

Patience Gone Too Far.

  1. First blog. It won’t be perfect. In fact none of them will be, they’re only feelings, views, opinions from a human being and no human is perfect.

  2. 570 more words