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The votable supply of a bump and grind

This tickled my fancy.

The “exotic dances” referred to in the head note to this decision are in fact lap dances performed for remuneration at a club in Norwich (who’d have thought of such goings on in Norwich?!). 27 more words



There are three groups of pronouns in Tagalog for different purposes.


I love you.

You love me. (NOT You love I… 779 more words


Opposites List

 Opposites list

  • Literate- Illiterate
  • Fit- unfit
  • Warm- Cool
  • Rough- Smooth
  • Successful- Unsuccessful
  • Solid- liquid
  • Intelligent- Unintelligent
  • Male- Female
  • Petite- Tall
  • Herbivore- Carnivore
  • Autotroph- Heterotroph
  • Chemosynthesis- Photosynthesis…
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The efficiency and effectiveness of the indirect tax function

Effectiveness is the degree to which an organization achieves the objectives.

When is effectiveness achieved?

For the tax function this is if all risks are managed and opportunities spotted and implemented. 358 more words


4/14/14 - 4/15/14

Monday: Rest


  • 4 x 6 RDL
  • 5 rounds for time of:
    • 800m run
    • 30 pull-ups
    • 30 KBS
  • 3 x MR pull-ups
Functional Fitness

Calculate number of a specific day between two dates



‘where B1 is start date; B2 is end date.

Excuse me? What it says?

Excel Tips

Indirectly Explained

Almost 3 weeks ago I promised you a post explaining the concept of indirect cooking in the very near future.
Unfortunately, end of quarter at work plus Pesach cleaning got in my way. 1,160 more words