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Dependent Data Validation dropdown lists

Our goal here, is to create a dropdown list by using Data Validation, where the contents of the list will be determined by another Data Validation Dropdown list. 883 more words


Beef ribs, for the August long weekend.

Beef ribs. Short ribs. Jacob’s ladder. The big bendy bones of a cow. Stood outside in my pajamas at 7am, I fired up the grill, indirect, and set it at to an almost-chilly 110c. 271 more words


Single column from many (containing blanks) (1) – Rows first

Given a two-dimensional array, potentially containing some empty cells, it is sometimes desirable to create a list of all non-blank entries from that array in a single column. 1,653 more words


indirect words

one thing is used

and the other is found

and where it has stood

and what it has said

and what it wants

and where it feels… 47 more words


My Column – Mentoring Q&A in ‘The Golden Sparrow on Saturday’ Weekly Paper. #8

Appeared on Sat 9th Aug 2014 :   DIRECT VS INDIRECT SELLING

 Question: I have an educational aid products, which I have made for selling to schools and educational institutions. 562 more words


Excel: How to use the INDIRECT function - Example

I received a request for a follow-up post to my last post on how to use the INDIRECT function in Excel. The request was to create a sample table showing a potential setup and use of it. 249 more words


Excel: How to use the INDIRECT function

The Excel INDIRECT function is useful for displaying data in another cell by passing it text strings to tell it where the value is.

The syntax for the Indirect function is as follows: 209 more words