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“Social license to operate” vs. right to liberty and property

The concept “social license to operate” has started to gain traction in the media recently. The term has been attributed to Canadian mining executive Jim Cooney, who apparently coined it in the late 1990s. 737 more words


Virtue of business: productiveness

At best, business is dismissed as amoral. Or at worst, it is accused for being fundamentally immoral. Many people disdain business as the realm of lowly materialism and businesspeople as grubby profit-seekers who lack—and don’t require—any moral virtues. 662 more words

Business Ethics

Business is a moral endeavor

When I tell people that I teach business ethics, I am often told that it is an oxymoron because business cannot be moral. That view is common, thanks to the wide acceptance of altruism as a moral code. 676 more words

Business Ethics