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“Americans have reestablished the very sort of power that the Constitution most centrally forbade. Administrative law is extra-legal in that it binds Americans not through law but through other mechanisms—not through statutes but through regulations—and not through the decisions of courts but through other adjudications.” …

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Lela on Slavery and Individual Rights

Last week, Thom Stark expanded upon his centrist views. And, I’m still hung up on the idea of government being obligated to pursue policies for the greatest good, while also protecting the rights of minorities. 933 more words


The Constitution’s Pearl Harbor by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com

I wish I had something clever to interject….but for the life of me I cannot…..read the article and you tell me……

The Constitution’s Pearl Harbor by Justin Raimondo — Antiwar.com.


Looking For a New Year’s Resolution? Police Your Congressional Representatives

Every other year we elect men and women to represent us in the United States Congress. Depending on our level of interest, we spend more or less time in the weeks and months leading up to the election trying to figure out what candidate best represents our interests. 745 more words

Individual Rights

What Does Ruby Hamad Have Against Muslim Men?

Ruby Hamad, in her article Confronting Our Anti Islam Backlash Asserts that there is a backlash against Islam as a result of the Martin Place siege. 265 more words

Individual Rights

Hayek on Human Rights Day

It turns out it’s Human Rights Day today! I came across a call on Twitter: “Don’t fight for your rights. Fight for equal rights.” This reminded me of an argument from… 473 more words


Pondering American History.....

I just got home from my history class. 

I’ve become more and more interested over the semester about the political system and how the government is ran.

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