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Here is a story you may like, fact or fiction? :)

Seems there is a lady that lives in section 8 housing in Pittsburgh, Pa. that has found herself in a fix.

She goes by the name of Nevilc. 410 more words

Gun Control Pt. 3: Supreme Court Cases

It should be well stated that the culture war, facilitated clearly by both sides, but seemingly dominated by one side that focuses on propaganda, is only just a culture war. 1,842 more words

Gun Control

Individuals vs. The Majority

The question of the rights of Individuals versus the rights of the Majority won’t be answered in our lifetime, but finding the perfect balance seems to be the eternal purpose of our country’s existence. 406 more words


The Teeches & Leeches... by Dr. Soods

The peeples of Lernville were learners—the best!

They shared what they learned; it was school, sans contest.

The pathways of Lernville were twisty and turny, 650 more words

Education Reform

Loaded: Secular Humanism, Science, Politics, Hypocrisy, Religion and Christianity

This is a raw discussion with a Secular Humanist (“ang baka”) on his rants about the Catholic Church in the Philippines based on some comments on Cardinal Tagle, Archbishop of Manila: http://www.rappler.com/nation/41753-cardinal-tagle-youth-new-evangelization… 11,043 more words

Add Rob Lowe To The Hollywood Blackball List

It’s official: not just a pretty face


“My thing is personal freedoms, freedoms for the individual to love whom they want, do with what they want.

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New York Times

A Quick Argument against Nozick

Nozick argues against the legitimacy of a state on the basis of his rejection of two principles; the first regarding enforceability and the second fairness. We shall argue that his challenge to the principle of enforceability is ineffective. 1,619 more words