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Death by the State Returns

by Cato Rand
Profound apologies at my work-related hiatus from the blogosphere. Glad to be back.

Mario Deane’s Death
I begin with comments re: the recent beating death of Mario Deane. 781 more words

Right From Yaad

Cato Institute: Video: Richard Epstein: The Classical Liberal Constitution

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

The Classical Liberal Constitution is the United States Constitution. With all the constitutional and individual rights that it protects. 353 more words


Paul Krugman Is Right!

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. The title does say “Paul Krugman is Right!” I’m the first to admit that I never thought I would agree with Nobel Prize winning economist and New York Times columnist… 600 more words

Individual Rights

Perhaps it's Time for Everyone in America to Re-Think 9/11

Re-Think 9/11

Lately I have been led by various listservs, Facebook groups, and real-media (still termed alternative-media) websites to peruse many of the newly released  accounts, videos, and articles on the subject of 9/11, the horrific event that led us in the US to the horrors of the Patriot Act and everything else in its train, further horrific legislation, the creation of “Homeland Security,” and all sorts of illegal and warrantless surveillance, policing, censorship, harassment.  270 more words


Progressively regressing

Repelling off the mountain,
Serving gravitation,
Progressively regressing
Down the inclination,

Climbers seeking leveling,
Equality, approval.
Publicly they’re reveling
In privacy’s removal.