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Today got me thinking

So today I was contemplating my desire to bleach/dye my hair teal, green, or blue. Kesha was on GMA this morning sporting blue hair hence spurring my thoughts. 622 more words


You Need To Get A Life!

And thus ended the date.  Well, in my mind anyway.

What prompted this?

I said something along the lines of my typical evening is going home, snuggling my cats, maybe watching a movie while I sew or spin.  278 more words


Find your Style


Everyone is individual and we can express our differences in many ways, one being our appearance. The way we dress, style our hair and make up is an extension of us and our personality to show others what we are about. 260 more words


The real person

The real person 

that lies within you

will come out 

at the right time

and in the right place.

It is a matterof letting go… 6 more words


You inspire me

A woman approached me today and briefly commented how my e-free summer has inspired her to turn off the TV. She said her family is spending so much more quality time together. 273 more words

Christian Living

The Old School Yogi v the Yoga Poseur: or Yoga, it's all the rage --

People that never did yoga are now, all of a sudden, all about it.  People that, up until recently, poked fun at that “new-agey, grass-eating spiritual crap” now live by it.   885 more words