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Do You Dare?

Do you dare
To see the world, the way no one else does?
Do you dare
To take the step you know you must?
Do you… 47 more words


How Type 4 is misrepresented in the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator

(The first two, introductory paragraphs below are included with each ‘How Type X is misrepresented…’ post. If this is not your first read of a ‘How Type X is misrepresented’ post, just skip to the third paragraph.) 661 more words


6 learnings to help build my Second Innings @ 35

When I was 36 months old, I used to be a shy, introvert, bald boy who was still coming to terms with life. I shall be 36 years old in a few days time and am still that man who is bald and who is still to come to terms with his life. 850 more words

Life In General

Contrary to What I Believed

I’m so real

I don’t even exist
I move real fast but keep falling behind
The order I plan is lost in complete chaos

I’m so certain… 195 more words


Without self-awareness, your life is not your life

Question: Sir, so are you saying that we lack self-awareness when we are not able to decide what is good for us?

Speaker: Obviously.

Listener 1: 399 more words


Final Thoughts #1: Zombies are so mainstream

You know how there’s that one show every semester—the one that fills your procrastination quota, that you plunge into for hours on end to hide from responsibility, and that swallows you up so completely during finals that you start having dreams about it and totally blow your monthly Internet usage (oops)? 383 more words