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A Slacker is Born

I think I actually remember the first time I consciously indulged in the fine art of slacking. I was seven years old, in my second grade class-room. 278 more words

Sustainable Bone Beads, Creativity and Empowerment

I stumbled into the world of beads a couple of years ago and have been digging deeper since then. The more I dig the more I learn, their story. 355 more words


W-O-R-D-S to Choke On

by Gill Mcilvaine. Please do not post without credit. 

I love words. I could eat words. Consume each letter one by 26.

We live in words. 426 more words


Thoughts about life, success, and happiness

What keeps you up at night? For me it’s my thoughts. They’re not bad, or good, or really even indifferent. They’re just theories I have about things or ways I see the world. 540 more words


Street Harassment

So I recently had the opportunity to go to my first big music festival, and (really) my first concerts, and while I was there something happened that, even a couple of weeks later, is still really bothering me. 649 more words

Just Me

Use YOUR voice

I came across this quote yesterday and I loved it immediately. It resonated with me completely because it is something I often say to myself. Now, don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean that you can’t talk about the same things… You just need to find YOUR voice when you talk about it. 53 more words