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We are living in the age of marketing. The one who sells himself or herself best – wins.
A quick look at the popular page of Instagram proves my point. 105 more words

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Sunday Saying...

“I think a lot of people have lost respect for the individual, you know, the individual, the person who doesn’t conform”

— Erykah Badu


Break free from your chains.

Planning and utilizing with what you have, to obtain the things you want. In life we set goals, we dream of completing achievements, we aspire to get somewhere. 1,310 more words

Embracing individuality

Wise words, Dr Seuss, wise words.

Fitting in is tiresome. I’ve finally thrown caution to the wind and moved outside the box. It gets terribly cramped in there anyway, all those people doing the same thing, uttering the same words and laughing at the same tired old jokes. 84 more words


The Thoughts Of An Isolated Man-Child

Hey folks. Lately I’ve had tons and tons of thoughts. Thoughts about life in the tree, leaf, and forest way. Thoughts about how to live life, and what life is. 419 more words

Poem- What is Your name?

What is Your name?
Not the name of Your disease
not the name others have called You.

Your name that is
Special and star-like
Blessed and beautiful, 192 more words


Writing Me

a poet unrefined yet amicable
thought frivolous by the masses
a student once
confined by society’s classes
and still none of the above
a woman a mother… 94 more words

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