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I miss people.

I miss having conversations that don’t feel like Facebook statuses. We’re just going through life hitting the “like” button on everything. I miss original thought. I miss emotion. 581 more words


Shouldn't God be for individuality if God created individuality?

Pretty much every religion that believes in a God seems to tell the same story: God creates the universe, God creates life, God creates mankind, and God creates self, individuality, and soul and endows it mankind (you could say God gives it to other animals but let’s not start that debate), but then God, according to the religions who believe in God, wants mankind to give up the self and individuality to be “one” with God. 261 more words



My favourite and least favourite time of the year.

Favourite because it’s Christmas and New Years and I love celebrations and parties and presents and being together with family. 215 more words



Am I good person? Do I look good enough to him/her? Am I keeping others happy? All these questions swarm around your mind as you welcome another day. 254 more words


Colour - My Moods and Feelings

I didn’t post yesterday because we visited some friends for a pre-Christmas party and stayed there the night. I had no internet and was too busy. 257 more words


Living inside a bubble

Isn’t it funny how you create a bubble around yourself and how you confine yourself to that one fragile bubble? Spending the whole life inside it, not letting inside others and not even being able to breathe out of it. 354 more words



Breaking tradition
Ways, my own
I live my life the way I want
And not as I am told

My choices, my actions
Solely my own… 123 more words