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5 things to say everyday !!

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You are a revolution

Sprinting through your beautiful mess of a life.

You are trembling  

But you are shaking the world.

You stutter

But you speak volumes. 183 more words

"For the Freethinker..." #ShebaStyleSeries

     Yes. The Fashion Industry is just that – an industry. A major part of the global economy and in many ways a privatized corporation in and of itself, constantly “forecasting trends” months too far in advance for any sensible consumer (and I use that term deliberately here) to keep up, and dictating what is “in,” “out,” “here” and “now” for no other intent or purpose but their bottom line. 1,635 more words

Braver Than Most

Climbing ethereal calm 
my heart fulfills simple needs. 
As poems or quiet psalms 
the nature builds to complete. 
Make this promise to your soul 
if you’re now braver than most.  123 more words


Im a very detail oriented person. Most of the time I notice things that people usually don’t, or tend to over look. I have a habit of gazing at something for long periods of time, going over it bit by bit and grasping the details of it. 278 more words


Fifty Shades of Shut Up and Listen: Bending America's Anti-Pop Culturalists Over My Knee

If you had asked me last week what my next blog post would be about, I would never have guessed that I would be (perhaps futilely) breaking up one in the millions of childish fights this nation, this world, is having. 3,706 more words

Be You

Believe yourself, trust your gut instincts, seek the advice when needed, but ultimately, go with what you think is right! You can make your own decisions in life, draw a table with pros and cons or similar, weigh things up, take the time to delve in to your own mind and decide on things. 206 more words

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