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Face Tattoos

When I see someone with a face tattoo, I think, “There is one brave soul. Braver than I.” When I’m with someone else and see someone with a face tattoo, and my someone-else makes a point to say, “Why would anyone do that?” or “That’s so stupid,” I have an inversion of the previous thought, directed at my companion. 29 more words

High Tech, Low Connection

Is technology, which is growing at an enormous speed, destroying our psychology, our wisdom, and our relationships? I ask this question because of what I witnessed on my trip to Thailand in January 2014. 604 more words

How to un- love...

There is something very common with girls, they tend to take a long walk only to realize they are very tired.  I am a woman and I am not being naïve or judgmental or opinionated for that matter, but it is important to keep your senses awake. 453 more words


Tests Do Not Tell All...

Next week the boys will go to their umbrella school (the school where we report our grades and attendance) to take part in the standardized testing. 1,162 more words


The important things of life

       Daddy, what are the most important things in life for humans?

       I think I know the answer to that question Sir Winston but I will listen to daddy´s answers first. 887 more words


1 Samuel 18; 1 Chronicles 6; Psalm 11; Matthew 3

The King’s Command

There once was a king named Saul
Who set himself up for a fall.
When David did well
Saul was jealous as hell… 32 more words

Celebrate your uniqueness, remember we are all geniuses at something.