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Conventional is not for me

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is impossible” Frank Zappa

There is certainly value is leaving the beaten track occasionally. You’re most likely to find creativity there! 521 more words


The Truth Paradox

What is truth?
Is there even such a thing?
These are questions we don’t ask ourselves because we don’t want to.
The answer I’ve found is harder to accept that the question that forms its essence. 342 more words


The Purpose!!! El Objecto De Valor!!!

Broken swing with the hands of wood looking in different directions of disagreement. Dusty sills…Tattered, weary, drowsy fences…The door was falling apart. All it needed was the kids gentle sigh of confusion-bred dejection and it would give way, lose its guard and come crashing down to allow for a flood of magic, miracle and memories it held inside from years innumerable. 653 more words

Spirituality: The New Opiate of the People (Pt. IIA)

In the first of this four-post series, collectively titled “Spirituality: The New Opiate of the People,” I wrote on the history of spirituality, focusing mainly on the usage of this vague term and discussing how, in our late modern society, such vagueness made ripe the capitalist usurpation of the “spiritual.” As stated in my plan of action, the second post in this series will consider how the discipline of psychology helped pave the way for modern spirituality and the politicization of the spiritual. 1,490 more words



Catrin Welz Stein

Hearts are not cages

Still they cannot

Fathom freedom

The way that doves can.

It’s only human that I hope

To possess you and only human… 312 more words


Silence in the Noise

Lately I have been noticing just how crucial it truly is to spend time soaking in nature. We tend to get so caught up in our day to day lives that we forget to “step back and smell the roses.” It’s been weeks since I’ve done that and after a few days of craving the silent and peaceful time with nature, I finally was able to set time aside today and enjoy it. 205 more words


There is Nothing Wrong With "Being Out of Place"

Growing up, we venture into our cruel and unforgiving world, unaware of what our future has in store for us. Some people begin to realize where they fit in earlier than others and to them I say, “Well done”. 501 more words