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Special Education Is Different But It Doesn't Have To Be

Here are 3 ways to for your student to feel comfortable at school. 

1) If possible, integrate your child into the regular education classroom. Acceptance by peers is important. 83 more words

Special Needs

When "early intervention" is earlier than you think.

I speak to plenty of parents of special needs, pre-school children, who plan to get their child services. Great!

If you have a child with physical challenges or a learning disability, it is a good idea to start the early intervention process before they enter kindergarten. 223 more words

Special Needs

Hurry Up and Wait... No More

Now that Wilma’s medications are under control and her behaviors are starting to improve, and many times we can go places and trust that she won’t throw shoes at strangers’ heads, we can finally begin intensive behavioral therapy. 249 more words


Teach the Teacher!

It is all about educating the teachers and staff

Some educators, believe it or not, have no clue about what a student who “learns differently” requires. 146 more words

Special Needs

"Spon't" #2 - "Spon't" leave the IEP meeting without copies of the signed paperwork

Special education + don’t = “Spon’t”

“Yes, I’d like my gift wrapped, please.”

Get the paperwork right away. Teachers are busy. If they tell you they will mail the copies, it may take a couple weeks. 130 more words

Special Needs

"Spon't" #1 - "Spon't" go into an IEP meeting like a tidal wave.

Special Ed + Don’t = “Spon’t”

Who are all these people?

In the IEP meeting, there will be many teachers from different disciplines and you don’t know how much they really know about your kidlet. 162 more words

Special Needs