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Effective Adult Learning IS the Answer!

Economic woes are all around us. Even though our economy has “recovered” from the great recession, it still seems to be in a downward spiral. No one, including those in the White House and Congress, seems to have the answer to turning our economy around. 501 more words

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Do we Need Excellent Teachers?

Do we really need excellent teachers? This is the primary focus of education reform at the moment. It is said that great teachers make us learn, and not-so-great teachers prevent us from learning. 515 more words

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Web Infusion

We hear again and again how this generation of students utilize technology in almost every aspect of their lives. Teachers are often encouraged to use technology in the classroom and allow students to learn in a way that that is more attuned to their nature as 21st Century learners. 323 more words


Do we need Gifted Education?

Gifted education is getting a push back lately. There seems to be more of a focus on helping students who are less accomplished. And the Common Core Standards seems to imply that all students should be similarly taught and achieve at the same level. 473 more words

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