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The Architect

When you found me I was broken

Didn’t know it like I Know It now

Reclaiming all the fallen pieces

Shattered all about

The nicest vase the house did hold… 85 more words

Class Wars

Americans have trouble understanding the whole British royalty and fancy person hierarchy. My own British family has been fairly fancy in their time, but I have nothing to show for it except my family tree. 163 more words


Notes on Muriel Combes' 'Gilbert Simondon and the Philosophy of the Transindividual'

My last post was a translation of a piece by Erik Bordeleau introducing the work of Bernard Aspe. Aspe draws critically on Simondon’s work, in particular his concepts of collective individuation and the transindividual. 2,650 more words

Lyft on Vacation

I will visit  Austin, TX in the middle of the summer. I look forward to spending time downtown where I have rented a fabulous vintage… 343 more words



Here is a current perspective of what I am up to today concerning The Rainbow Paradigm and natural law.
This is a ‘Written Statement’ required as part of the application process for the Master’s Depth Psychology Program that I am interested in at Sonoma State University. 1,314 more words

Poets and Education

From the time we learned our first Dr Seuss rhyme we were being educated by poets.  Nursery rhymes and fairy tales are used to teach morals and ethics to children.   152 more words


Blood Moons and Prophecy

Prophecies are made all the time about the end of the world.  I am not very interested in the end of the world because it is such a relative term.   214 more words