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This monkey's gone to heaven

It is crazy to question authority in any way. Sane, well adjusted people simply accept all and any pronouncements that come down to us from the experts. 28 more words

Secrets And Lies

The God Placebo, pitfall for an atheist in recovery, and other fallacies

This post has no answers; only questions. It is an attempt to lay out the pitfalls for an atheist, or any critically-minded person, in recovery. Recovery is difficult enough, but if you have more than average intelligence and are an atheist or a person who has good critical thinking skills, it can be even more difficult. 2,272 more words


In Defense of Believers

I’ve been thinking lately about how a lot of atheists seem to view believers, and it’s not pretty. I’ve heard a lot of atheists call believers stupid, and there seem to be a lot of atheists who think studies have proven that believers have lower IQs. 570 more words


Reflections on Illich 20: We need to consider the wealth to be gained from deregulated teaching in the marketplace

Illich, I. (1970). Deschooling Society. Cuernavaca, Mexico: CIDOC.  Downloadable from: http://www.preservenet.com/theory/Illich/Deschooling/intro.html

p. 91  “To guarantee access to effective exchange of skills, we need legislation which generalizes academic freedom.  497 more words

Ivan Illich

At Cross Purposes...

The British Legion sent me this cross. I like the British Legion. They’re a worthy charity, and they do valuable work, including providing social clubs for millions of people across the country (even if many of those clubs are in decline). 398 more words