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Indoctrination: Not exactly what you might think...

Okay. It’s the school year, so naturally I’ll probably be posting more on politics and social theory than much else. (Sorry, people. It’s not my fault.) 1,026 more words

Living Life With Passion


Last night, my family and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to enjoy a pub like dinner.  While we were there – the place was PACKED; full of people wearing football jerseys.  849 more words



-   Emotions can influence one’s facility to reason by sharpening or blinding it. Which any individual will display depends quite a lot on habit.
–   Learned responses derived from faith or indoctrination dull the reasoning facility to serve the fight or flight response reaction and limit that to causes supported by the conditioner. 101 more words



Hurt me.

Hurt me again.

Hurt me again and this time really make it hurt.

Then have me say “I’m sorry” like I mean it. 222 more words


The War Against Children

My next two posts relate to the unspeakable trauma Americans experience as children. The first film concerns the transformation of American schools into virtual prisons. The second discusses the deliberate targeting of children by corporate advertising. 634 more words

Attacks On The Working Class

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Doubt's Wisdom

A favorite word of children, “Why?” expresses a child’s wonder at life and eagerness to learn. It also expresses doubt when disharmony enters the mind along with words from an adult. 135 more words


A Closer Look at the Botched Common Core Results

August 23, 2014 by Cortney O’Brien

Misleading title aside, the Buffalo News report was not good. “Students in Buffalo statewide make modest gains in math,” declared an  567 more words

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