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July 30, 2014 by DR. SUSAN BERRY
Despite Common Core champion Bill Gates funneling millions of dollars from his foundation to powerhouses like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce… 348 more words


The Voice In The Void - Children Of The State

Press For Truth, Jul 22, 2014

With all the time spent in school have you ever considered who’s really raising your kids? Molly Amanda of Press For Truth explores the education system or rather lack of, and also ideas for how parents can ultimately free their children’s minds from the control of the state.

Dumbing Us Down

The one true religion

So I am on the train, right this second in fact, on my way into the city and something occurred to me.

There are all kinds of religions and shit oit there and generally where and to who you are born dictates your religion (not always I know). 124 more words


My thoughts are like milkshakes..

1 Thing I Learned today…

“My thoughts are like milkshakes…get your own,” my husband says, dismayed by the way the general public responds to the media in accepting most anything put out there. 310 more words

Thought Provoking

From The New Republic No Less Comes This: The Nation's Top Colleges Are Turning Our Kids Into Zombies

Don’t Send Your Kid To The Ivy League

” When I speak of elite education, I mean prestigious institutions like Harvard or Stanford or Williams as well as the larger universe of second-tier selective schools, but I also mean everything that leads up to and away from them—the private and affluent public high schools; the ever-growing industry of tutors and consultants and test-prep courses; the admissions process itself, squatting like a dragon at the entrance to adulthood; the brand-name graduate schools and employment opportunities that come after the B.A.; and the parents and communities, largely upper-middle class, who push their children into the maw of this machine.

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The Deformation

By Winston Smith

Noun: deformation

  1. A change for the worse
  2. Alteration in the shape or dimensions of an object as a result of the application of stress to it…
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Jesus Camp and Me

This year I will be turning twenty years old. A decade ago, half my life ago, I attended a camp called Camp Geneva in Holland, Michigan. 1,281 more words