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You Know You're a Backpacker When...

Back in January, Brian and I were orienting ourselves to this new and foreign world of backpacking. Now that we have almost four months on our backpacking resume, we thought it was time to share a few things we’ve learned along the way. 477 more words

Elephant Pants


Ready stok kaos BARISTA INDONESIA warna merah. Bahan combat 24S. Sedia berbagai ukuran.
Harga : Rp 85, 000

Kontak info :
Telp/wasap : 087838310524
Pin BB : 7545C0F7
Twitter : @lapakkopi


Papuan Voices| Letter to a Soldier

The Human Lens Blog is having a “Solidarity Week with West Papua and Papuans”, earlier we spoke with rights activist and film maker Wensie Fatuben… 193 more words

Emergencies And Conflict

Another reason love Library

I’m grateful for the library providing a space I want to study and exploring my knowledge. When I’m in the library, I love seeing the same people walk in and then walk out. 15 more words

West Sumatera's Road

(31/03/2013) Near Padang, West Sumatera


There is a pygmy seahorse in this picture...

It´s been a wonderful dive with many firsts, like this little creature. And once again the picture isn´t really great, but still there to document this moment.

Surfing to .. Indonesia

Southern Asia has been in the news recently so I decided to visit Statistics Indonesia (http://www.bps.go.id/eng/ ) whose website is in both English and Bahasa Indonesian. 669 more words