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Cloning gels and root enhancers

We will be looking in-depth at cloning gels and root enhancers in order to prep your plant for the cloning process after you’ve cut them. If you aren’t sure what cloning is or how to clone, … 695 more words


Chard indoors

All summer my windowsills were chocca with plant pots and things growing. Now, the food has largely been eaten and outside is not the nicest prospect for most fruit and veg. 51 more words


Making a Hydroponic Planter for Less than $50

Hydroponics is one of the fastest growing (pun indented) sections of the horticulture industry. Heightened control, cleanliness and increased vegetative growth are all benefits a gardener can gain when using hydroponics in a garden. 1,816 more words

Garden & Greenouse

Best Containers for Indoor Gardening

You’ve successful cloned or rooted a plant. You are ready to transplant it and want to pick a new container for it to stay in. 561 more words


Preparing for Winter

The main things I’ve learned over the years is to prune the plants and clear off any debris. Even indoor plants tend to lose leaves in the fall. 412 more words

Worm Composting

Hydroponics 101

What is hydroponics?

The root of the word in Latin means working water. It essentially means putting your water to work and using it to it’s full potential. 324 more words


Grow Tent Basics

Do you want fresh plants, but live in a tiny space? Or do you just want to be able to keep your thumb and your plants green all year round? 685 more words