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Tales Of Tomatoes ~ Learning To Grow From Cuttings

I love tomatoes! We use them in salad every day and I would like some for sandwiches, homemade soup, sauces and other recipes on a regular basis. 467 more words

Indoor Gardening

Some Have a Green Thumb, I Have a Green Fist

I grew up growing things. Actually I grew up in a kinda whimsical petting zoo/garden created by my grandfather’s impulsiveness and my grandmother’s submission.

Although . 638 more words


What a Mess

I have quite a few Tradescantias, because they are easy to propagate and sell rather reliably when I bring them in to work. But this year I’ve been lazy in so many aspects of my life, and kept putting off taking cuttings of these… 262 more words


Indoor Veggies

A couple of summers ago I tried growing veggies on my terrace but I have a north facing apartment and it gets quite windy. The wind blew all the flowers off the plants, they didn’t get enough sunlight and it was just a disaster. 111 more words

Indoor Gardening

Drying Basil For Storage In Spice Jars

Basil is definitely my favourite herb! I’ve found growing it indoors really easy.

Up until now I have been cutting leaves from the top of the plant and using them fresh. 316 more words

Indoor Gardening

Grow Your Own In A Grow Room

How do you choose what kind of grow room you want. Should you go the do-it-yourself route? Should it be made of wood, metal, or just out in the open? 613 more words

Indoor Gardening

Best Grow Room

The best grow room is the one that works for you. That’s it. Plain and simple. In the old days, the only people who grew anything were the ones who owned land. 409 more words

Indoor Gardening