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Indra signs biggest ticketing contract in the world in Riyadh

Indra has signed a €266 M contract to implement the entire ticketing and access control technology in the new public transportation system currently under construction in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. 413 more words


Indra to deliver $308M ticketing and access control technology for Saudi Arabia

ArRiyadh Development Authority (ADA) has selected technology firm Indra to provide ticketing and access control technology for the new public transportation system, which is currently under construction in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 205 more words

The Great Divide

We all grew up hearing stories. And we loved them, didn’t we? From Pancatantra to Jatākā Tales to Vikram & Vetāl, we have heard them all, haven’t we? 503 more words

Personal Thought

Pride Comes Before A Fall


There are times when we find some people often throwing their weight around to show how important and indispensable they are in their domestic, social and professional circles. 407 more words

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Naruto 698 Review

In this chapter we see Sasuke about to land the final blow on Naruto..His Sharingan turns off, and as there’s a flashback of Naruto telling Kurama about how he was going to bring Naruto back, Naruto surprises Sasuke with an uppercut that knocks Sasuke against a wall. 671 more words


Best Metal Albums of 2014 #4: Dawn of the 5th Era (Mors Principium Est)

I wanted to take some time listening to this album to be as well-versed as possible before I declared it #4. With every go-around, it only solidified its place at #4 this year. 671 more words

Mnemosyne (Music/Health)

Talking deities in Bristol

by Naomi

My work on gods as characters that are shared between Brahmanical Hindu, Jain and Buddhist narrative sources had another outing this week at Bristol University’s Religious Studies research seminar. 406 more words