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Evidence for the flooding of Vedic rivers at the end of the last ice age

This article examines and interprets verses, relevant to the Vrtra myth, from Mandala VI – the Bharadvaja family book. It then examines scientific evidence I have found thus far, compares that against the interpretations of the verses and then presents conclusions. 1,139 more words


The Vrtra myth - an overview

When I first came across the Vrtra myth in Mandala VI, based on the content, I treated it as a subject by itself. However, as I read more material from other Mandalas, especially Mandala IV – the Vamadeva family book, it is now apparent that the myth surrounding the slaying of the dragon Vrtra by Indra and the myth surrounding the birth of Indra are inextricably interwoven. 437 more words


Vedic Gods 330 Million Or 33 List

The period when the Four Vedas were in very active usage,about 5000 years back,there was a highly developed system of Philosophical thought.

For the date of the… 783 more words


The refreshing simplicity of Pyramid Vrita's "Indra"

There seems to be an attraction to a sort of DIY aspect in hip hop lately. One artist on stage rapping over his or her own simply created yet powerful beats seems so much more attainable and relatable than the work produced by the hip hop giants that dominate the music industry now. 233 more words


The Successors - Naruto and Sasuke

Naruto and Sasuke have recently been revealed to be crucial to the entire story as the Sage of Six Paths himself describes them to be his own son’s, Indra as Sasuke and Ashura as Naruto, resurrections. 84 more words

Daily Anime Art

I | I N D R A | A - Z B L O G G I N G C H A L L E N G E*

Another catchy dance beat that I swear you’ll have stuck in your head all daylong.


A New Breed of X-Man: Indra

Have you ever noticed that the centre of the X-Men is a paradox?  The X-Men are, more than anything else really, warriors; they train to use their powers in simulated combat, and even their most passive mutant members – such as Cypher – are expected to develop combat experience.  633 more words