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Dissociation Induced By Loud Music

I told my therapist about something I do sometimes and was wondering if anyone else does this. She asked me if I dissociate and I said I m not sure, but sometimes I will blast my music really loud and lay next to the speaker and I am awake but im not aware of anything, like my mind has turned off. 18 more words

Drug-induced Psychosis Resulting In Ptsd

Hello, I’ve recently self-diagnosed myself with PTSD, after decades trying to understand what’s wrong with me and seeing umpteen therapists, psych docs, being in psych hospitals and the like and never having the descriptions of my state of mind taken seriously. 55 more words

Finding out I was pregnant for the first time.

So, my first little baby.

We decided that 6 months after we were married to try for a baby. I went to the doctors asking for advice of what to expect and how long it’ll probably take to conceive. 2,523 more words

Antidepressant Induced Liver Injury

All antidepressant drugs may potentially cause liver injury, even at recommended doses, and some groups are more vulnerable than others, French researchers report.”

Autism-Induced Labor Link: How an NYC Birth Injury Lawyer Can Help

While autism isn’t exactly a life-threatening condition, it, nonetheless, adversely affects a child’s cognitive and learning development. Autistic children find it difficult to communicate normally with their peers due to impediments in the internal mechanisms of communication, such as speech, understanding, and self-expression. 91 more words