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Antibiotic associated diarrhoea: My new primary care strategy

A woman in her mid 50s had been prescribed doxycycline 5 days ago for persistent upper respiratory symptoms.  She returned to us because of watery diarrhoea since yesterday. 977 more words

Medical Education


I was induced.

I like the womb.

I like hot water bottles, heating pads, and soft blankets.

I make low-slung forts out of sheets and climb under them so I can breathe. 501 more words


Induced OBE's cause memory impairment when recalling experience

Ehrsson’s team have published an interesting new paper in which they claim that a subjects experiences whilst in an induced OBE state, can later be shown as impaired, when the subject is asked to recall the experience in a normal (none OBE) state.

Near Death Experience (NDE)

Baby Jupiter Comes Earthside! (Mama ROCKS an induction at 38 weeks)

Mama wasn’t “due” for another 2 weeks, but after several weeks of chronic hypertension, she was ultimately induced on the day before her 38-week mark. She was induced with pitocin and on magnesium sulfate… not the friendliest of combos. 2,516 more words

Birth Story

Bringing on labour

Amazingly, time has whisked past. Having just spoken with our gynaecologist on options for delivery as jelly bean’s EDD has since passed, we were informed that an induced birth might be the next step. 119 more words

Personal Rantings

The idea behind this blog is to be as blunt as possible about everything I have experienced and believe. Since I am currently thirty-nine weeks pregnant with my second baby, I thought birth was a perfect place to start. 2,102 more words

Bad Obstetricians

Theodore James' Birth Story

Disclaimer: This is a birth story.  Like, a real one.  It’s not particularly graphic or gross, but if you’re not interested in such things, I’d pass over it.   2,866 more words