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Does Inducing Labor Increase Your Chances of a C-Section? The Scientific Evidence Says No.

These days, as soon as you pass the 40-week mark, obstetricians start talking about inducing labor. In her bestselling book, Expecting Better, Emily Oster recalls that despite her doctor’s apparent enthusiasm for inducing her labor, she wanted nothing to do with it, for fear it would lead to an unnecessary c-section. 1,220 more words


A very 1300 wednesday

Started the day off with a 9.00 class where we watched and analysed our first assignment clips. It was fascinating. I was so sure nobody was going to understand my clip, because it lacked camera movement and it really did not have a beginning and an end, but yet again I should not have worried. 287 more words

MDA 1300

Welcome young Criminal Psychologists!!

We embark on a journey where we are about to discover the theories of why people commit crimes! Are you ready??

What did we do the first day of class? 191 more words


Induction! Welcome to Psychology AS!

Welcome my young soon to be psychologists!!! You’ve found our blog!! You can pop by and say hello or leave a reply if you like!  This is the place to ask questions and/or search for homework as well as the notes we have taken in class! 208 more words