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Apologia Part 1 ~ Consistency

If someone asked you why or why don’t you believe in God, what would you say? What gives you the confidence to stand firmly on your beliefs and boldly claim that all other philosophies are incorrect? 762 more words



I’m 38 and a half weeks pregnant now, and still waiting to meet my little girl. I’m trying to boost my faith in my body’s ability to do what my brain is scared shitless about with well-researched articles and a mantra of surrender. 931 more words


Induction Cover Reveal

Well, I’m several hours late to my own cover reveal, but here it is. A big thanks to Winterbayne for designing a great cover and for being so damn patient. 327 more words

Our First Cave Baby: Bowen's Birth Part I

After 42 weeks and 6 days of waiting, wondering, praying, and listening to the nurses’ horror stories of everything that has ever gone wrong with an overdue pregnancy, our healthy baby boy finally decided to grace us with his presence. 864 more words


Shrodinger's Pregnancy (Or, That Time I Freaked Out Just A Little)

A guy named Shrodinger once had a cat. He thought it would be a good idea to put his cat in a box with poison. 479 more words