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Engaging students: Mathematical induction

In my capstone class for future secondary math teachers, I ask my students to come up with ideas for engaging their students with different topics in the secondary mathematics curriculum. 772 more words


Primary School Placement and Induction Day

Firstly I can say without a date I made the right decision deciding to go into secondary teaching rather than primary teaching. While I have massive respect for primary school teachers it is not for me! 1,155 more words


Setting the right expectations from the start

Facebook currently shows excited students posing in their new halls and houses across the country, posted by them or misty-eyed parents.

In the next weeks they will begin the courses, or programmes of study which drew them to the institutions where they are studying. 498 more words

After induction – what's the plan?

Hi all, have you guys seen me around campus recently? I’m sure that I’ve spoken with most of you!

I hope you all are settled in and that you have been involved with everything that’s happened so far – visited the Freshers’ Fair, checked out what the UCB Student Guild has to offer and taken a look around our new campus, McIntyre House. 771 more words


Psychology induction presentation

As promised in the inductions I’ve done so far, below is a version of the presentation I have delivered in sessions. If you want to download a copy, you can do so by clicking on the ‘Save’ icon on the slide player. 28 more words


An End In Sight

I hope that Baby Pea’s characteristics inside the womb are no indication of how it will behave outside the womb… because so far Pea has been stubborn, disobedient, and extremely non-compliant. 414 more words

A Lesson in Faith

Today is my Estimated Due Date, and while I suppose it’s possible I could go into labor before midnight, I highly doubt that will happen. 747 more words