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The Romance of the Garden

This post is adapted from the original on my (now-defunct) personal blog “Strange Branches.” If you live in Zone 5-7 in the US ( 1,260 more words


Agroecology vs Industrial Agriculture: Feeding the World Sustainably – Infographic

By Ian Andrew | October 14, 2012

There is no shortage of news on the amount of food being wasted while many parts of the world go hungry. 44 more words


The Meat Racket

Worth reading for this phrase alone, “Big Meat’s lobbyists”, the review brings us an even better phrase, ‘privatizing the gains, but socializing the costs’. This is emblematic of so many of our corporate overlords. 346 more words



A clip on industrial food production from a new documentary. Pretty stunning stuff.

Daily Essentials

Dolphins and Others: The Morality of causing unnecessary suffering.

Looking through all the news this past year and scavenging though social media sites, it is clear that the debate about keeping Cetaceans (Dolphins, Orcas etc) in captivity is back. 1,036 more words

Marine Ecosystems

Confessions of a Carnivore

As a strong sustainability activist, I feel quite embarrassed admitting that I derive nearly all my dietary protein from animal sources (eggs and fish). Explaining why I do so is even more embarrassing, a 20-year chronic intestinal infection that makes it virtually impossible to digest plant protein, in the form of nuts and legumes (peas, dried beans, lentils, etc.). 474 more words