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Industrial chickens get closer to home

The big story out of Bedford County, Virginia this summer was that industrial-scale agriculture may have become a viable option for landowners. Until the county Board of Supervisors voted in June 2014 to reduce the minimum distance these businesses had to stay away from nearby residences, it was nearly impossible to run a poultry house or hog farm. 335 more words

Industrial Agriculture

Day 141: Walnut Grove to St. Peter (88 miles)

There’s soy in Minnesota, too. Lots and lots of soy. Even saw a gas station selling ‘Soy Diesel’…no joke.

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Pink Slime Returns: The Embodiment of Industrial Agriculture

Pink slime is a good litmus test to determine whether or not someone is comfortable with the current state of our conventional, industrial food system. 762 more words

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The Burden of Conscientious Consumerism

A new study entitled “Creating the Responsible Consumer: Moralistic Governance Regimes and Consumer Subjectivity” in the Journal of Consumer Research poses an interesting and epiphanic question: “should the burden of solving global social and economic problems really fall to consumers, rather than to enterprises?” It’s something I hadn’t considered too hard before– I always assumed that it was up to me as an informed consumer to make purchasing decisions that embodied my ideals. 313 more words

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Agricultural Hormone Waste is the New #Water #Pollution

by @anarchyroll

When people think of water pollution, what comes to mind? Maybe visions of sewage run offs, industrial plants, oil spills, etc?

I was certainly surprised to learn that “ 278 more words