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CSA Farms: Actual Farm-Community Alliance or Alternative Marketing Strategy?

Agrarians often remark in one context or another that they feel farming went off course when people started trying to run farms as a business instead of as a way of life. 661 more words

Call Of The Land

NY Times - Farming Science, Without the Conscience

Last week I wrote about the Jan. 19 article in the New York Times about the the experiments done on cows, pigs and sheep at a USDA research facility in rural Nebraska. 240 more words


The truth of oversupply: dispelling the Great Lie

People get it. Organic methods produce better food and chemical herbicides are toxic to the plaent. If they also understood there is no food shortage and that the ecological destruction by industrial agriculture is NOT NECESSARY to prevent famine, they would support dismantling this suicidal system. 150 more words


Love At First Bite - The Ad Doritos Don't Want You to See

Rainforests across Southeast Asia are being destroyed every day to make way for massive palm oil plantations, where workers, even children, are trapped in modern slavery to cultivate the vegetable oil. 128 more words


The Significance Of Sustainable Agriculture In Daily Life

The dawn of 1960s saw a rapid development in the field of agriculture. The Green revolution the seeds of which were sown in 1940s finally sprouted to growth and gave a tremendous boost to agricultural productivity. 500 more words

Trivedi Science Research Laboratory


November: Agriculture

Domesticated animals and livestock have been essential to the slow but unceasing progression of human civilization; they’ve been our companions, our work force, and our fuel. 867 more words

Grave Danger of Falling Food

Grave Danger of Falling Food

Tony Gailey (1989)

Film Review

This documentary is about Australian Bill Mollison, the father of the international permaculture movement. The title, which is ironic, refers to air drops of food aid (by the industrial north) to compensate the third world for destroying their food production systems. 428 more words