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Commercial beekeepers feed bees HFCS

Going on since the 70’s, the imposition of high fructose corn syrup in place their honey is considered a major factor in what has been termed “colony collapse disorder,” the bee decline across the globe.  375 more words


Food, community, life, and poverty: oh my!

I decided to take time to write out some thought jumbling through my mind on the nature of food as it relates to community, unity and peace, as many of my posts are intended to be based on those themes while much of what I have and will write about tends to be about food and gardening. 1,905 more words

Gardening And Farming

What and How- will we eat tomorrow?

This article is about future of food and global population. Within a few more decades, dire food shortages may lead to
global-scale conflict, warned a top plant scientist in the U.S. 311 more words


MORE corn?

I was planning on writing this week about recent critiques of alternative food networks, examining either when going local borders on the absurd, or legitimate concerns about the racialized aspect of food re-localization projects in the US presenting social justice issues, when I came across the latest issue of National Geographic. 867 more words

Food Culture

The importance of diversity

A friend of mine recently asked that I give him a tour of the grocery store through my eyes. This may seem like a strange request at first, but I understood what he was getting at: a trip to the grocery store is actually far more complex than just following your shopping list.The more you learn about what it takes for food to get to your plate — where it comes from, and the route that it takes to get there,– the more complicated the grocery store becomes. 1,082 more words

Food Culture

Invisible Ingredients

Food is a hot topic these days. From legitimate concerns over how it is produced and the resulting impacts on environmental and human health, to the rapid pace at which trendy new diets take hold and… 606 more words

Food Culture