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Altera Introduces SDK for OpenCL Version 14.0

Altera Corporation today dramatically simplified a programmer’s ability to accelerate algorithms in FPGAs. The Altera SDK for OpenCL version 14.0 includes a programmer-familiar rapid prototyping design flow that enables users to prototype designs in minutes on an FPGA accelerator board. 435 more words

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ST, 차량용 가속도 센서 출시로 응급시 자동 전화 지원

ST마이크로일렉트로닉스(STMicroelectronics, 이하 ST)가 디지털 출력을 갖춘 3축 가속도 센서로 응급시 자동전화를 지원하며, 자동차 업계의 까다로운 AEC-Q100 안정성 스트레스 테스트도 충족하는 제품을 출시한다고 밝혔다.

새롭게 출시된 AIS3624DQ는 디지털 출력을 갖춘 3축 가속도 센서로 풀스케일 범위를 최초로 +/-24g(중력 가속도)까지 제공한다. 21 more words

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Two times Fieldbus with just one PCI card [ICNweb]

With Hilschers CIFX 2-channel cards users have the possibility to realize two independent Fieldbus communications in just one PCI slot.

Especially in compact Box-PCs of newest generation the number of PCI slots is rather limited and a 2-channel card has significant advantages. 96 more words

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ON Semiconductor Releases Low Power HART CMOS Modem IC for Industrial Communications

ON Semiconductor has expanded its family of modems targeted at highway addressable remote transducer (HART) industrial communication implementations. With this latest product introduction, ON Semiconductor, who recently became a member of the HART Foundation (www.hartcomm.org), now offers solutions for low power HART applications. 283 more words

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5-axis competence and precision. Process dependability included.

Current discussions about 5-axis machining centres are ongoing. Whilst some sceptics claim that more challenging programming or higher demands on the machine and the control speak against the technology, insiders emphasise the benefits of faster machining resulting in savings potentials plus higher precision and reduced tool wear due to shorter milling paths. 1,472 more words

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인피니언, 고전력 반도체 IHM-B 모듈 수명을 11배 까지 연장

향후 인피니언 테크놀로지스(코리아 대표이사 이승수) 의 IGBT 고전력 모듈(IHM)을 매우 오래 사용할 수 있게 되었다. 더욱 견고해진 구조와 대폭 향상된 열 전도 특성으로 이전 모델 대비 동일한 조건에서 평균 수명이 11배까지 증가되었다. 28 more words

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