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Is the body the next breakthrough in education tech?

By Annie Murphy Paul – Treating mind and body as separate is an old and powerful idea in Western culture, dating to Descartes and before. But this venerable trope is facing down a challenge from a generation of researchers—in cognitive science, psychology, neuroscience, even philosophy—who claim that we think with and through our bodies. 98 more words


Prophet of Basel Battles Yellen, Draghi and Easy Money

By Leonid Bershidsky – The general manager of the Basel-based Bank for International Settlements, Jaime Caruana wants to remove the punch bowl from a party that other monetary policymakers claim hasn’t gotten started. 64 more words

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How to start a bank and let each of the BRICS be in charge

By Devjyot Ghoshal – It’s not easy to bring five world leaders together, get them to negotiate a landmark deal and have them all leave happily. 78 more words


Rethinking computing and cyberspace

By George Mattathil – There are two characteristics that determine the value of applications:

  1. Intrinsic data intensity, and
  2. Economic utility.

Weather prediction, gene sequencing and product design simulations are high data intensity applications with high economic utility. 46 more words

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We’re in the third biggest stock bubble in U.S. history


Wall Street Revalued: Imperfect Markets and Inept Central Bankers, Author: Andrew Smithers.

By Brett Arends – What do the following years have in common: 1853, 1906, 1929, 1969, 1999? 163 more words

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What Stiglitz Misses On Inequality: The Responsibility Of Economists

[ Piketty ]

By Steve Denning – There is one category of actor curiously missing from Stiglitz’s list of villains: his fellow economists. There is no mention for instance that it was the winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics, Milton Friedman, whose New York Times article on September 13, 1970, “The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits”, launched the idea that corporations should focus solely on making money for themselves and the shareholders, and basically, to hell with everyone else. 111 more words

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Updates from SIEMENS

Siemens – LMS controls engineering is an engineering discipline that deals with designing and implementing control systems to achieve a desired overall system behavior. It is the backbone of “smart” products. 509 more words