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Getting a charge out of water droplets

By David L. Chandler – In attempting to develop an improved heat-transfer surface to be used as a condenser in applications such as power plants—that droplets on a superhydrophobic surface convert surface energy to kinetic energy as they merge to form larger droplets. 80 more words

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Have romantic comedies become obsolete?

By Wesley Morris – Once upon a time, women in successful romantic comedies were warriors battling men. They fought for love, parity, and respect — to be taken seriously while wearing unserious hats. 104 more words

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Welcome Back, Paul Ryan

Bloomberg – It’s rare for a prominent politician to publicly rethink his position on one of his signature issues. Paul Ryan has just done so. 86 more words

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Why Government Fails, and How to Stop It

By Paul C. Light – 41 important past government failures (between 2001 – 2014) from a search of news stories listed in the Pew Research Center’s “News Interest Index” were identified. 54 more words

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3 Executive Productivity Hacks That Any Leader Can Use

By Scott Eblin – Recognizing that her time and attention are limited resources that she must deploy as effectively as possible, she’s come up with three productivity hacks that help her determine where she needs to focus. 9 more words


97 Percent of Key Industries Doubt Security Compliance Can Defy Hackers

By Aliya Sternstein – Only 3 percent of information technology executives at utilities and other businesses critical to society strongly believe security rules and standards decrease threats to the systems running their operations. 35 more words

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Creating an Environment for Change

By Susan Foley – Culture is a powerful force that shapes our individual and collective behavior. It influences everything we do and puts limits on our thinking and behavior. 60 more words