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Zombies are alive and pretty damn well!

 Originaly posted July 4th 2014

What’s up horror freaks metalheads! \m/iki Dom here to talk to you about an artist that i really really love! I think this guy is a pure genius… Great songwritter, great singer, awesome movie director… i’m of course talking about the great Robert Bartleh Cummings also known as Rob Zombie…  This guy has been around for quite a while now he started as lead singer of the band White Zombie back in the mid 80′s… they had many big hits and sold millions of albums because they sounded different than everybody… they were one of the first bands to incorporate electronic beats to heavy metal guitars which led to awesome results… In 1997 White Zombie went on a hiatus that is still going on today and in 1998 Rob released his first solo album titled Hellbilly Deluxe, which in my opinion is a masterpiece! 538 more words


Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 2004 / #15 – #13

History, technology and fantasy make up today’s three listings. Those sound like the ingredients for a modern religion.

Dark Metal Cat agrees. He say’s it’s high time humans started worshipping cats again. 53 more words

Mammal's 21-Year Hit Parade

Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 2003 / #12 – #10

Although I love almost every style of metal, not much core music or industrial metal has made it into my annual hit parades. It has to compete against my usually preferred variations of melodic, progressive, folk, symphonic and atmospheric metal, often built on black, death or doom metal… 59 more words

Mammal's 21-Year Hit Parade

PICK OF THE WEEK: Ævangelist's chaos, infernal flames smeared all over 'Writhes in the Murk'

Chaos and torment are elements that make up a great deal of metal in this day and age, and sometimes they can serve to undo works of art. 978 more words

Industrial Metal band DIMENZION: PSYCHOSPHERE to release new album on CRIME RECORDS this October

Industrial Metal band DIMENZION: PSYCHOSPHERE to release new album on CRIME RECORDS this October

The second release in a coming series of new albums from the Norwegian Metal Music Label CRIME RECORDS will be released this October the 17th. 216 more words

Song of the Day: Burn by Nine Inch Nails


This world rejects me
This world threw me away
This world never gave me a chance
This world’s gonna have to pay

I don’t believe in your institutions… 216 more words

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