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Positivity Matters; What’s Your Ratio?

I don’t think I’m going to surprise anyone by saying the debt collection industry is not well loved. If you are using a collection agency or contemplating using one you already know how beneficial we are to businesses and municipalities, and how much money we put back into the economy. 515 more words

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All About Creative Memories

Yesterday was the last day for orders. Ahni, Zoe, and Creative Memories are now dead, although there is some hope that the Flowerdale Group will resurrect them later this year… 368 more words

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FICO’s New Scoring Model Will Likely Increase Millions of Credit Scores

If you follow this blog, or one like it, you know we talk a lot about the importance of a good credit score.  Credit scores not only help creditors decide whether or not consumers can borrow money, they also determine how much loans will cost.  602 more words

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More about Ahni, Zoe, and Creative Memories

Ahni and Zoe are now history, at least in the U.S. and Canada. Their direct sales business  is joining the graveyard of failed businesses. Some of the products may reappear, since the production equipment, patents, and brand names have been purchased, but the business model will be different. 56 more words

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