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The Teenage Vote Is A Gamechanger- Robbie Nicoll (ScotlandD/K) on the indyref

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16 and 17 year olds will vote for the first time in a major plebiscite in the Scottish Independence Referendum.  With polls suggesting that the gap between Yes and No voters is narrowing, Robbie Nicoll believes that the teenage vote is key for the victory of either side.


No Will be Forever Too

As was noted in the excellent article in Bella Caledonia last week by, while a Yes vote has the obvious effect of dissolving the union between the Scottish and English parliaments and thus finally rendering the United Kingdom obsolete, a No vote is also a choice with consequences. 1,660 more words


Clawing Back?

Having spent yesterday watching Westminster play the UKIP game of who hates foreigners more (post in the pipeline once I check some stats), the Bank Of England is now going after a slightly more universally popular target, bankers. 1,195 more words


Panda baby could swing yes vote

An Edinburgh based think tank have claimed that a panda baby could be what encourages undecided voters to come to yes.

A spokesman for the city’s Centre for Big Thoughts said: 172 more words


Commonwealth Controversy

Since I live in Scotland but identify as British I feel this has to be said. People are getting ridiculously intense over these Commonwealth Games and it’s over the small stuff that shouldn’t matter too. 932 more words

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