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A Wealth Tax in the UK?

Today, income inequality is so extreme that the interest alone on the accumulated wealth of the richest few exceeds the growth of many economies in which they live. 482 more words

Navigating, Narrating and Negotiating Spaces for the Average Black Life!

What can I say… I’m average and not very proud of it.  Don’t get me wrong.  I used to be, proud, that is, as hell.  Then something, someone; not even sure how it happened, woke me up.   792 more words


Equality of Speech

One of the proudest facts about living in the United States is that we completely defend freedom of speech, but it can also be something of a source of embarrassment. 1,509 more words

The theory of relativity

There was a huge traffic at the crossing of the road. The bus was in a standstill for at least ten minutes or so, behind a gigantic hoarde of noisy cars and rickshaws. 316 more words


A Modern Conversation Between The Philosopher & The Psychiatrist: Two Fools In Medias Res

PHILOSOPHER: What is the science of telling someone they don’t have something? …can’t do something? …can’t be something?


PHILOSOPHER: #Inequality

PSYCHIATRIST: Life is unequal? 2,335 more words


Stuff about which Republicans are right

I don’t affiliate with any political party, but, in general I vote Democrat and mostly have policy positions that roughly (often very roughly) correspond to those of the Democratic party. 916 more words


The Immorality of Our Israeli Position


The above article is about the suffering going on in Gaza, about Israel’s morally bankrupt policy there, and about how AiPAC has used its influence in America to paralyze us and prevent us from doing anything.   63 more words