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Day 101: Lawyer's Desire to Drop Her Client

It seems my divorce attorney and I are at an impasse.  She wants me to drop her, request a substitution for attorney and sign the Borson motion. 342 more words



A soldier in the war on poverty, a saying most of us have heard at some point or another.

A long running war devoid of Purple Heart medals for the walking wounded, of which the numbers are legion, and most often ending in a paupers grave. 679 more words

Education Transformation: A Double Edged Sword

All reasonable parents and concerned citizens want to see each young person grow through education to become productive and engaged participants in our society. Social justice and educational equity provide a powerful means to engender the critical thinking skills many parents desire to see in our students and counteract the effects of poverty, oppression, and discrimination. 620 more words

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Rejoicing in the Day

“God has given us this day. A time for remembering and rejoicing.”

Rejoice in the new day.

A day for the righteous, and the humble. 80 more words


Some People More Equal Than Others, I Guess

If Satya and Kevin Turner at Microsoft accepted 1 million dollars each as their annual pay and gave the rest to save Microsoft jobs, they could save 200 Microsoft Techy jobs. 51 more words


Soft Southerners?

According to an Atlas of Mental Health created by CentreForum think tank people living in the South of England re more likely to say they are unhappy despite having lower levels of mental illness including depression. 194 more words



Recently I was working with a man I’ve known for some time, he’s a hard worker, opinionated, and something of a cut up – has a big heart as well. 276 more words