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From Limbujan, General MacArthur.

Over the last couple of months, I got into working for ZOA Philippines. I won’t get into it now, that’s a whole ‘nother post in itself.  259 more words


Salad Days! (AKA: I Don't Wanna Grow Up!)

Today’s WordPress prompt wants us to talk about our Salad days. I was a bit confused. I’m not a salad girl.

So if you are as confused as I am: 367 more words

This is my first blog

this is my first blog so any one thinking: “why the hell is that like that?”, “what the heck is he doing?”, “omg that looks so bad i cant believe he did that!” 9 more words

Just Go Right Along: embracing a new culture...

Going to a foreign country can be terrifying! A different language, different rules, different food, different everything… even different TOILETS! As a young adult that has traveled to various different countries I have one piece of advice for anyone going abroad for the first time: … 263 more words


I think I made you up inside my head

I don’t want you unless you want me then stay but not too close or  you’ll see me for who I am—now you’re distant— give me attention but not too much or else it’ll seem insincere. 76 more words

Sex And The Fear

The thought of having sex is giving me a big case of The Fear

Let me explain, I have a week off work next week and on one of the evenings I have arranged to go visit a guy and spend the night with him. 232 more words


Two months later and I'm no longer a coffee addict.

Hello friends! Let me first apologize for my lack of posts, as my sister so gracefully pointed out to me last week. The transition from America to London to Europe to Lancaster was a bit more than I (or my attention span to my laptop) could handle. 471 more words