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Client experience (or how a 2 h job turned into a 5 months ping pong), p2

I’m continuing my story here. So we’ve been chit-chatting about his website for like 2 weeks now, and, according to what we’ve decided on the phone, I made the desired changes on the website; except he checked the list again and- according to his first requirements, he said that he wanted to switch back to the initial version of the website and then have those changes implemented. 224 more words


Client experience (or how a 2 h job turned into a 5 months ping pong)

Most of the clients we work with are reasonable people. I mean, we wouldn’t do business with people that we don’t like (unless there’s a high interest going on). 332 more words


Confessions of the inexperienced..

How do we know what it means to love? Is there a certain checklist we have to follow to know that the person we like is now the person we love? 416 more words

A brief history

I was never a child given much responsibility. Typical chores around the house, but nothing more. That being said, I never was one of the girls always babysitting the neighbors’ younger children, or my own younger sister. 375 more words


How intuitive is teaching?

Things I’ve learned in Winter school thus far…

1. Be engaging, for the sake of yourself and the students

2. You’re going to stuff up. A lot. 258 more words


It’s been almost three years since my last serious relationship started. Not only was it my last, it was my first. Before her I hadn’t dated anyone. 1,130 more words