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I think I made you up inside my head

I don’t want you unless you want me then stay but not too close or  you’ll see me for who I am—now you’re distant— give me attention but not too much or else it’ll seem insincere. 76 more words

Sex And The Fear

The thought of having sex is giving me a big case of The Fear

Let me explain, I have a week off work next week and on one of the evenings I have arranged to go visit a guy and spend the night with him. 232 more words


Two months later and I'm no longer a coffee addict.

Hello friends! Let me first apologize for my lack of posts, as my sister so gracefully pointed out to me last week. The transition from America to London to Europe to Lancaster was a bit more than I (or my attention span to my laptop) could handle. 471 more words


a novice at 40!

The word novice has popped up as a descriptor associated with me a couple times recently, so it occurred to me to explore the notion a little. 290 more words


Hitting The Wall

A few months back I insisted on running my first ever 15km race after feeling that 10 was juust not hard enough anymore. Perhaps had I been a little bit more experienced,  I would’ve known that I was just a tad out of my depth. 918 more words

Adolescent Nerves

Shallow breaths
Were all I could muster
In the hour she arose
Pristine, valient, and sure

Was a thick humid day
The lingering scourge… 46 more words