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Everybody knows that ...

ISIS is stirring up a lot of trouble as of late. Stories coming out of the Levant are horrific. Nations around the world are holding emergency talks to decide what they can do. 1,194 more words


Biblical Quandaries

Given the fact that I’ve been a serious Christian for twenty years, I’m expecting to have to explain to a lot of people why I’ve left the faith. 636 more words


So...The Bible Is Infallible, But Not The Church That Formed It?

Protestant Christianity relies not only on the belief in divine inspiration, but also the exclusivity of the biblical canon as infallible revelation from God. Not many pastors could hope to keep their job if they were to state that the Bible is not infallible or that divine inspiration might not be limited to the Bible. 1,241 more words


Infallibility of Scripture: the Current Status of the NT manuscript Data

I got a really elaborate question about the infallibility of Scripture from an old friend of mine. I am breaking her complex questions into a number of smaller posts so that each isn’t excessively long. 468 more words

Difficult Questions

Made in my own image

No, you read that right. It’s not an accidental misquote of the first chapter of Genesis. Instead, I’m questioning my questions.

I’ve long struggled with what to make of the Bible, especially the Old Testament. 632 more words


On private interpretation

 2 Peter 1:20 … no prophecy of scripture is a matter of one’s own interpretation

On the GreenBaggins blog,  he asks,

“I do want to ask formally this question: if the RCC has a monopoly on the interpretation of the Bible, how come they have not come out with an inerrant commentary on the Bible?

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The Rosetta space probe: Tower of Babel redux?

This week, we humans took another step towards interplanetary travel: we caught a ride on a comet! (link)

At its furthest distance from the sun, this comet is 850 million kilometers away from the sun. 1,414 more words