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Marginalia, no.340

Before I was pope I believed in Papal infallibility, now I feel it.

~ Pope Pius IX

And so history was gifted with another important entry for the Catalog of Things Which Can Only Have Been Uttered by Unmarried Persons.


Is Christian Belief a Decision or a Conclusion?

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This is your brain on dogma

It is easy, perhaps, for a lay Catholic to become intimidated by the sheer volume of dogmatic truths to which we give our assent. The Catechism alone is over 800 pages! 912 more words

Fides Et Ratio

Examining Fourteen [Contradicting?] Fundamentals

…by proving contraries, truth is made manifest…

Joseph Smith Jr. (HC 6:428)

In October of 2010 I sat in a cabin with friends watching General Conference.

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The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints

Infallibility - Why it matters

The Catholic Church affirms that under certain conditions the Pope, the Bishops, and in a certain way the Church herself exercises a gift of infallibility. This is a stumbling block for most Protestants. 517 more words


The group project of reading the Bible

For Christians, the Bible is a seriously important text. Some of us can’t go a day without reading it. Others don’t think we’re really being the church unless we study it. 1,361 more words