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Catechism Question 12

Question 10: Who is the Author of the Bible?
Answer: God the Holy Spirit is the Author of the Bible.
Prove it.
II Timothy 3:16…
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2 Peter 3

Dibble — John Henry Newman

Dibble, Romuald A. John Henry Newman: The Concept of Infallible Doctrinal Authority. Washington, D.C.: Catholic University of America, 1956.

19th Century

Butchery of Seventy Protestants

Considerations by the Way

A Sixteenth Century Roman Catholic expresses his concerns over actions carried out under the Cloak of Infallibility.

We shall not presume to anticipate the judgment of our fellow-citizens throughout the Union on these important letters, by interposing any comments of our own… 309 more words

Considerations By The Way

Is the Bible True?


Two weeks ago we learned how we got the word of God. We know that the words that we have are the same words that Moses, Paul, Luke and others wrote. 1,544 more words

Youth Ministry

Marginalia, no.340

Before I was pope I believed in Papal infallibility, now I feel it.

~ Pope Pius IX

And so history was gifted with another important entry for the Catalog of Things Which Can Only Have Been Uttered by Unmarried Persons.


Is Christian Belief a Decision or a Conclusion?

In the previous post we addressed the question of what it means to know something. I defined knowledge as true, justified or warranted, belief. It is important to note that this is merely a… 731 more words