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Question For Believers in Inerrancy and Infallibility

I have a few questions for the person who takes the Bible literally as the inerrant, infallible Word of God:

When did you make the switch? 1,374 more words


Relative Certainty Is Quite Alright

It seems that I might have muddied the waters a bit with an article found here. In that post, I was merely attempting to point out that Christians do not need infallible certainty in order to be justified in their theological beliefs. 658 more words


Why I Believe My Interpretation of Scripture is Fallible . . . and I’m Okay with That!

Let me first start off on a positive note by saying that I believe the Bible, produced in its original form, is infallible and inerrant. I base this belief off the words of the apostle Paul who wrote to his friend Timothy these words: “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God . 1,120 more words


James D.G. Dunn on "Original Autographs"

I know this departs from the themes of Holy Weekend, but I just had to share James D.G. Dunn’s humorous and insightful answer to what he thinks of the relationship between the doctrine of the inspiration of Scripture and the idea of “original autographs” (starting at about 1:02:00 on the video of Dunn’s second lecture from the playlist below…sorry, the link sends me to a playlist rather than directly to Dunn’s 2003 lecture): 176 more words


Living Tradition

Living Tradition


To a Protestant who was under the impression that we Catholics consider the Catechism as more authoritative than the Bible, I pointed out that the Catechism has the authority the Church’s Magisterium lends to it. 865 more words


The Bible: a Textbook or an Art Gallery?

For many, the Bible is like a textbook for life that God wrote.  We even call it a “manual for living” or “basic instructions before leaving earth” (for those of you who didn’t grow up in Sunday school that spells out: Bible …cute, right?).  1,164 more words


The Holy Seat?

Author: Alex Kramer - 12 grade advanced apologetics

The seat of corruption and power in the Church is also the seat from which our teachings on matters of faith and interpretation of the scriptures flow (CCC 100.) How can Catholics really think they need a pope after past problems with popes such as Pope Stephen VI who put a dead pope on trial, and Pope John XII who had many sexual partners while pope. 1,412 more words