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What Evidence for Sacred Tradition and Infallibility of the Pope?

Q. What evidence do you have to support the traditions ? What document whatsoever in antiquity do you have to attest them?

A. There exist early Christian writings from the 1st-8th centuries. 401 more words


Clinging to the Word of Life

“clinging to the Word of Life, that I will be satisfied in the day of Christ that I did not run in vain nor did I labor in vain.” 376 more words


With added 'Holy Spirit'

No one has greater need of the help of the Holy Spirit than I, and it is help which I often feel I have received. But I do not justify my decisions on the grounds of his inspiration – I need to justify them through my natural faculties. 511 more words

Quentin Queries

"Jesus didn't treat Scripture as infallible": really?

Having given a copy of an NT Wright’s “Surprised by Scripture” to someone for Christmas, knowing that they sympathise with his “neoevangelical” theology and voluminous writing style, I was surprised when they thanked me, and commented that they also liked Brian Mclaren’s new “We make the Road by Walking” on the Bible. 1,147 more words


"Rabbits?" We're never supposed to be like animals

There’s so many reasons NOT to get overly excited over every little thing that Pope Francis says. First of all, he’s just expressing his own opinion–not everything that any pope says is actually “infallible” unless explicitly spoken “ex cathedra” (more on that… 157 more words


How 1 Enoch Destroyed My View of Biblical Infallibility

The issue that ultimately tipped me over the edge and caused me to change my beliefs a few months ago was the relationship between a collection of pseudepigraphical Jewish intertestamental writings called the… 897 more words


“I believe there are such things as universal truths, but I’m not so arrogant as to believe my understanding of them to be infallible.”