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His First Year: Theodore Joseph

The first born. The big brother. The maker of trouble. Daddy’s mini-me. Mama’s big boy. Nana’s little buddy.

Most likely to steal your milk, and your leftover potatoes. 27 more words


My Tree!

Finally my first stage in youth
Reflecting upon my wither plated growth
Till this age like a tree
Comes again; free for me
Like the root, I am formed… 89 more words


7 Things You Should Do Before Turning 7

1. Travel.

Travel as much as you can! Explore every square inch of the living room and make sure to visit the backyard during the summer! 403 more words

Infant Morality - Is there a genetic, or natural, basis for our morals?

CBS News – 60 Minutes

“Can infants tell right from wrong? And if so, how would you know? Come to Yale’s baby lab. Lesley Stahl reports” 275 more words

Developmental Psychology

Limited motor skills in early infancy may be trait of autism

Date: June 17, 2014 Source: Kennedy Krieger Institute Summary: Researchers have announced findings that provide evidence for reduced grasping and fine motor activity among six-month-old infants with an increased familial risk for autism spectrum disorders. 9 more words

Fogging Nozzle

Infancy and Its Hardships

New parenthood is the subject of  an article, written by a first-time father entitled “The Trauma of Parenthood” (New York Times).   Its author Eli Finkel, a Northwestern University professor of psychology,  tells us that the job of being a parent isn’t a cakewalk today even when the child is wanted and planned. 1,325 more words