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2033. Female Blessings at Birth — 46-48

I continue asking for your agreement/disagreement on the long list I’ve compiled. This is the 16th group of three blessings, and I’m grateful for your earlier responses. 660 more words


55 Fiction: The first steps

She was sitting on the floor; her limbs spread out and her face showing a tinge of fear. She pressed her hands on the ground and slowly tried to lift her body. 23 more words


57. The Misanthropist

“On looking on the territory’s map,
I’m baffled by the thought that we think big
The little sea and even smaller shore. 97 more words


Motherhood: 5 Weeks

I learned something recently: familiarity breeds contempt.  If not contempt, then boredom.  This weekend, our beautiful baby girl started to really smile. Seeing your baby smile has to be one of the best parts of parenting. 272 more words

His First Year: Theodore Joseph

The first born. The big brother. The maker of trouble. Daddy’s mini-me. Mama’s big boy. Nana’s little buddy.

Most likely to steal your milk, and your leftover potatoes. 27 more words


My Tree!

Finally my first stage in youth
Reflecting upon my wither plated growth
Till this age like a tree
Comes again; free for me
Like the root, I am formed… 89 more words