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to sleep, perchance to dream.

Aisha is neither smiling nor smizing. This is a full-on, sleep-deprivation-induced meltdown.

Like her mama, Aisha is what Bajans would call, “a night bat” – or night owl, in North American terms. 405 more words

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There was no ‘I’ to do it, because the ‘I’ was the result

From How We Are (How to Live Trilogy 1) by Vincent Deary (loc 247) – a beautiful and strange book:

Our first memories are of things out there, worldly happenings taking place in a world of circumstance, to this ‘I’ here, to this little self.

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Personal Morphogenesis

163.365 (32/79)

 My first word was ‘teleology,’ and my first spontaneous poem was an epitaph that ended with the following words,

                            Doves did not know where to fly, and



Hi Everybody!

This post is LONG overdue. I apologise for being MIA but here I am now with some updates.

1. I completed the requirements for my Masters degree and I passed and received my certificate last month. 316 more words


I don’t think babies realize how damn fortunate they are. All they gotta do is sleep and eat, and they get to be in a carriage all day and be carried around. 19 more words


149.365 (18/79)

The failed mimicry of my coos and gurgles drew meaningful sighs from the big faces floating over me, but I know now that all these infant sounds were just little broken mirrors where the world sees itself shattered, where you move your right arm to scratch your cheek and instead see your left arm scratch your eyelid, or where you purse your lips to make an O and instead hear the sibilant grunt of a deranged ferret.