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Belonging and believing: Baptism and the People of God

Helen came 15 minutes early to Sunday night service. “Pastor,” she said, “I have to get saved!”

What was up with Helen?

This seventy-something Missourian certainly hadn’t stopped by my office on the spur of the moment. 585 more words

Book Reviews

Infant Soteriology: Are Unborn Infants Saved?

I submit that infants remain under the saving grace of Jesus Christ simply for this; it is out of the immutable nature of God to destroy. 619 more words

Frederick Buechner on Baptism

Baptism consists of getting dunked or sprinkled. Which technique is used matters about as much as whether you pray kneeling or standing on your head.

199 more words

Getting it all together

‘There is no Christian way to boil an egg.’

We must have seemed a very holy group of young people – or a very pretentious one. 2,010 more words

Communion With Children

A few weeks ago, my 4-year-old son helped our pastor present the Eucharist at our Sunday morning church service.

In our worship community, we celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday. 1,056 more words

Why I Am Becoming Presbyterian: some reasons for changing from SBC to PCA

Amanda and I have recently decided to make the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) our denominational home for now. To most people, denominations are arbitrary. But, for me, who desires to teach the Bible vocationally, previously hoping to make the SBC my denominational support through seminary, this felt like a big decision. 1,062 more words


Infant baptism may one day be banned across Europe

I can see this happening, especially as authorities become more antagonistic towards Christians and Christianity across Europe. The recommendations to ban male circumcision in countries such as Sweden and Denmark should send a clear signal to Christians: “ 198 more words