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Okay, hear me out.

Of course I’d never hope for something as painful and traumatic as a miscarriage to happen to anyone. After all, as Lindsay herself so aptly pointed out recently, “mentally, messes with you”. 379 more words



I haven’t written since Angel’s birthday.  Sometimes, it feels like there is so much to say.  Sometimes, it feels like there is nothing to say.  But, ultimately, the reason I haven’t written is because the one thing I want to be able to write about…isn’t happenning.  683 more words

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Do Babies Go to Heaven? (Part 4)

When my second daughter Claire died, I wanted to know that I would see her someday when I died. My wife Amy also had two ectopic pregnancies. 1,525 more words

A Gideon Reminder

There are a few things that get us through these days.  One of them is knowing that God came through for us before and we are confident He won’t stop now.   825 more words

Maria Furlough


To be completely honest, I was on a fast track to Burn Outivlle recently. Between Lions Club, TEARS Foundation, work, part-time work, and just life in general, I was starting to feel overwhelmed and incapable of keeping up.  648 more words

A paradigm shift...

Something I really haven’t talked about yet is one of the things bothering me the most.



405. Not the LA freeway, but the amount of days since I started this part of my life.

It’s not difficult to express how I feel most days to those that want to listen, but lately I’ve been pressing the mute button on myself. 997 more words

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