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5 Ways Your Baby is Trying to Ruin Your Life

1. Your baby is on a mission to make you late for everything, ever.

You need to leave by 9:15am sharp, so you start packing her into her car seat at 9. 471 more words


Breastfeeding article posted on MSU bioethics blog

In Murphy’s Breast: Lactation Law and Advocacy in 2014, I discuss four instances in which breastfeeding parents found themselves affected by law and advocacy efforts last year. 416 more words

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Are Babies Manipulators?

A few months ago I found myself in the throes of conversation with an ex-colleague around baby sleep. This is usually a topic I like to skirt around the edges of in certain circles due to its potential to be such a  highly charged, emotive and divisive topics of parenting. 668 more words


Are cot deaths really a thing of the past?

In 2012 over a hundred New Zealand babies died through accidental, mostly preventable, suffocation. Traditionally called ‘Cot Death, then SIDS and now SUDI, which means Sudden… 456 more words


Another reason to love naptime - they boost memories!

Need more proof that naps for babies are key to their development and not merely a way to prevent melt-down city?  A recent study conducted in the UK suggests, “that infants rely on frequent naps for the formation of long-term memories.”  Although this is one of the first studies to research the benefits of infant sleep on memory retention, and there is much more research to be done, the study seemingly bolsters what we already know about the importance of timing naps to a child’s natural circadian rhythm (when they’re ready to sleep during the day their temperature drops and their melatonin – the sleepy hormone – rises). 154 more words

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Feed Your Baby at Night

Dr. Daniel Weissbluth and the pediatricians at Weissbluth Pediatrics lead a new parent support group every Thursday at 1PM-  You can either come in person to our office in Chicago or Skype/FaceTime/Google Hangout in to join.  246 more words

Ma Wednesday- Back to the snooze story.

Truth be told, I have not slept “well” for over a year now. (“Well” means the kind of sleep where I lay passed out dead for 12 hours straight. 1,122 more words

'Ma' Wednesday!