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Smiles, Fitness and Sex? (Six Week Postpartum Update)

Six weeks postpartum is a pivotal time for moms.  This is the week that many babies start smiling, proving that our offspring actually is more than an eating and pooping machine.   631 more words

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On Hair Loss (and Other Surprisingly Awesome Things)

This week I’ve started to lose my hair again. If you followed me from the beginning, you’ll know that my hair remaining on my head was one of the symptoms that lead me to believe I was pregnant. 894 more words


Week 17: Shots Are Stupid

I’m going to change up my “Ben’s Baby Book” format a bit – instead of days, I am going to post on him weekly. I always knew I would change this up eventually, and since we made it past the 100ish days mark, now seems like a good time. 1,418 more words

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Why is my baby crying???

Is your baby in a PURPLE phase of crying???

I know the look….I remember the feeling.  Every week I see a new Mom with exhausted worried eyes, and the question, “Is this crying and fussing normal?”  Most new parents are not prepared for the amount of crying their precious bundle produces!  889 more words


2 Month Roundup

I noticed after the fact that last month’s roundup had more than 10 items. I misnumbered at least twice. I decided to leave it, because I think it’s really funny and it shows just how tired/crazy that first month actually is. 1,345 more words


The Devil is a Liar, and Sometimes he Defeats Us.

So, yeah. The devil is a LIAR and sometimes he defeats us. And sometimes it is in an area of our lives that we were convinced we could never be defeated. 2,114 more words

4 Week Postpartum Update

At four weeks and two days out, I am starting to get in the groove of being a mom-to-two. All the credit for this adaptation goes to my mother, who helps with the girls for several hours most weekdays. 613 more words

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