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Two Moms in a Battle for Bedtime!


Courtney:  This summer, while on vacation, I watched by brother and sister-in-law struggle to get their almost four-year old to bed. He kept coming up with new reasons to stay up: he’s scared, he’s hungry, he needs talk-time, more stories…whatever! 1,253 more words

Sleep Regressions - The what, when & how to handle.

First things first:

- Sleep regressions are defined as unexplained and uncharacteristic night waking’s that suddenly appear when your child has otherwise slept through the night. 1,505 more words

cry it out? i think it's time.

So, maybe I spoke too soon.

Simon HAS been sleeping for 5.5-6 hour chunks consistently, but the last few days he has woken up crying 2 times during the second “chunk” and if we go in and replace his paci, he falls right back to sleep. 639 more words


White noise - my thoughts.

Parents often ask me about white noise and whether they should use it or not. My answer: generally, after the newborn stage white noise functions as a sound screen and not as a comfort tool. 286 more words

Some easy, gentle tips to help your baby sleep through the night...

There are many reasons why children have a hard falling asleep independently and staying asleep all night. One of the more common reasons are categorized as sleep onset associations; aka falling asleep with some sort of assistance. 281 more words

Rock a bye baby

…on the treetops

Isn’t that the oldest nursery rhyme in the book! I’m no expert on nursery rhymes but my Nanna is. She has been teaching them to my children (Jordan 14, Rhiley 11, Lacey 14 months, and Konnor 4 months) since they were born. 937 more words

Infant Sleep

You Don't Have to Bedshare, and You Don't Have to Let 'Em Cry

After much research, I felt like there were two choices, bed share or cry it out. I was determined not to do either, and so I found a way that worked for me. 636 more words